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Daniel Kumin  |  Jan 01, 2007  |  0 comments

In a career spanning four decades, Sunfire's founder and chief designer Bob Carver has morphed from bushy to bald, young Turk to elder (or at least older) statesman, and iconoclast to anointed icon. Throughout, one thing neither he nor his designs has ever been is dull, and Sunfire's latest "Theater Grand" A/V receiver is no exception.

Daniel Kumin  |  Feb 23, 2003  |  0 comments
Photos by Tony Cordoza Naming your company's very first A/V receiver "Ultimate" is a pretty bold move, but Sunfire founder Bob Carver has never been the shy and retiring type.
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Daniel Kumin  |  Dec 24, 2014  |  Published: Dec 23, 2014  |  3 comments

Prime Satellite 5.1 Speaker System
Build Quality

SB-1000 Subwoofer
PRICE $1,000

Honest, accurate, full-range sound
Painless sub/sat blending
Won’t match ultimate volume level of larger, more costly systems

If your criterion is un-hyped reproduction, SVS’s Prime Satellite 5.1 system is as good as it gets for $1,000.

Good-sounding small speakers no longer impress me. After all, these days, pretty much anybody with a laptop and an Internet connection can design a small two-way that’s reasonably neutral. The tools are all online (many of them share/freeware), fine-performing drivers ranging from cheap ’n’ cheerful to exotic ’n’ expensive are readily available with complete Thiele-Small parameters, and MDF and veneer are plentiful down at Lowe’s. You don’t even need to know Ohm’s law; fluency in Windows or OSX and some basic woodworking skills are probably more useful.

The Short Form
$4,400 / svsound.com / 877-626-5623
Key Features
$799 Svsound.com
• Audyssey DSP room/ subwoofer equalization • Supplied
Daniel Kumin  |  Nov 23, 2015  |  2 comments
When good speakers go bad. Or at least smell bad...
Daniel Kumin  |  Jun 04, 2006  |  0 comments

Denon AVR-3806

DOLBY DIGITAL PERFORMANCE All data were obtained from various test DVDs using 16-bit dithered test signals, which set limits on measured distortion and noise performance. Reference input level is -20 dBFS, and reference output is 1 watt into 8 ohms. Volume setting for reference level was -3.5.

Daniel Kumin  |  Sep 02, 2006  |  0 comments

Note: The two components were tested together, with all measurements taken from the Model 7075 amplifier's speaker outputs.

Daniel Kumin  |  Oct 03, 2006  |  0 comments

Note: Components tested together, with all measurements taken from the MCA 50 amplifier's speaker outputs.