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The <I></I> editors are getting ready for CES 2007 and will be reporting live from the show starting Monday, January 8. Join Shane Buettner, Tom Norton, and Randy Tomlinson as they file their reports and photos.

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Panasonic has an entirely new lineup of plasmas scheduled for mid-year introduction. The top 750 series (with new models in 42-, 50, and 58-inch sizes) will include ISF adjustment and tweaks for improved picture quality. No prices were suggested. In a darkened area, Panasonic was demoing a 58-inch design against a 32-inch pro CRT monitor. The plasma arguably won by a nose in image quality and by a mile in impact.

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The XV-Z20000 1080p DLP projector remains at the top of Sharp's DLP projector line, now joined by the 720p DT-510 at $2499.99 and XV-Z3100 (shown) at $2699.99 (both in February).

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In addition to a great demo of their video projector, an interesting line of custom install electronics, an intriguing iPod dock that is actually said to make iPod video look good (and it did, indeed&mdash;a little soft but very clean), and a new Faroudja processor that dramatically improves motion smoothness by converting a 1080p/60 film-sourced video into multiples of 24fps for displays that will accept it (reported on earlier by Randy Tomlinson), Meridian also launched an AV receiver, the G95.

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And here's more information on the G95.