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jon iverson  |  Apr 15, 2001  |  0 comments

Hard-disc&ndash;based digital video recorder (DVR) products (aka PVRs or personal digital recorders) such as those sold by TiVo and ReplayTV have been getting a lot of press lately, but only a modest share of consumer dollars. In the few short months since DVRs hit the shelves, ReplayTV has already <A HREF="">bailed out</A> of the manufacturing business, and the ultimate fate of TiVo is still unkown. In spite of its shaky start, the DVR category is slated to take off in the next five years, according to a new report from the <A HREF="">Yankee Group</A>.

jon iverson  |  Sep 03, 2000  |  0 comments

Last week, <A HREF="">Fujitsu Hitachi Plasma Display Limited</A> (FHP) announced that it has succeeded in developing what it calls the world's first 32- and 37-inch high-definition plasma display panels (PDPs). The new displays, which join FHP's existing lineup of 42-inch PDPs, use the company's proprietary ALIS (Alternate Lighting of Surfaces) drive-circuit technology and are intended for use as household television sets.

jon iverson  |  Aug 13, 2000  |  0 comments

A lot of folks seem stymied by the remote controls that come with consumer-electronics gear. But is using the Internet any easier? <A HREF="">ReplayTV</A> thinks so, and last week announced its new service: MyReplayTV. The company says that MyReplayTV "creates a Web portal where viewers can find out about TV programming, gather additional information about shows of interest, and control the ReplayTV Service and digital video recorder via the Web." ReplayTV expects the Internet remote feature to be online later this fall.

jon iverson  |  Dec 06, 1998  |  0 comments

Cable companies have found themselves under assault from the direct broadcast satellite (DBS) forces for several years now, and they face new potential competition from local phone companies' digital subscriber line (DSL) systems. As a result, they have begun to circle their wagons in an attempt to ward off further damage.

jon iverson  |  Mar 05, 2000  |  0 comments

Last week, <A HREF="">TiVo</A> and Britain's <A HREF="">Sky Broadcasting Group</A> (BSkyB) announced an alliance that the companies claim marks the introduction of personal television to the United Kingdom. According to TiVo, "state-of-the-art personal video recorders similar in size and shape to VCRs and digital set-top boxes will deliver the personal television service, which will be co-branded by TiVo and Sky." The companies say that products and services are expected to be available in retail outlets this fall, with pricing and distribution to be announced shortly.

jon iverson  |  May 03, 1998  |  0 comments

DVD interloper Divx has not won the hearts and minds of early adopters, but that isn't stopping its proponents from laying out some serious cash for future orders. Last week, <A HREF="">Nimbus CD International, Inc.</A> and <A HREF="">Digital Video Express</A>, developer of the Divx system, announced that they have signed a five-year, multi-million-disc replication agreement.

jon iverson  |  Aug 18, 2003  |  Published: Aug 19, 2003  |  0 comments

Once again, home theater fans can help themselves and others at the same time by participating in <A HREF="">The Cable Company</A>'s eighth annual "Summer Against Hunger" campaign. The Cable Company and a wide cross-section of its vendors (listed below) have set up a program by which up to 10% of The Cable Company's August sales are donated to CARE and the International Rescue Committee, with contributions to be used to assist the worldwide disaster relief efforts of those humanitarian organizations.

jon iverson  |  Dec 19, 1999  |  0 comments

It's the ultimate chicken-or-egg television question: Which will come first, Internet over TV or TV over the Internet? Last week, <A HREF="">Broadwing</A> gave a nod to the latter when it announced that its subsidiary has unveiled <A HREF="">Intertainer</A>, which the company describes as "a new video-on-demand service" for customers with high-speed, high-bandwidth ADSL online connections. Broadwing says that ZoomTown customers will be among the first in the nation able to receive the service in early 2000. Subscribers will pay the normal monthly fee for DSL service, and will then be charged for their video selections on a pay-per-view basis.

jon iverson  |  Oct 21, 2001  |  0 comments

In anticipation of demand for new digital services, <A HREF="">Time Warner Cable</A> says it has committed to purchase 625,000 Explorer digital set-tops from <A HREF="">Scientific-Atlanta</A>. Under the agreements, announced last week by SA, TWC says it will purchase a mix of Explorer set-tops and other head-end equipment to meet projected consumer demand for digital cable and interactive TV services such as video on demand (VOD), subscription video on demand (SVOD), personal video recording (PVR), and high definition television (HDTV).

jon iverson  |  Dec 13, 1998  |  0 comments

TV life used to be pretty simple: Stick a pair of rabbit ears on the set, and if you lived near a big city, pull in a dozen channels or so---more if you had a UHF tuner. Now we have cable as well as satellite dishes big and small. In the near future, even your phone company could get into the act with some form of digital subscriber line (DSL) service. But of all these choices, which offers the best value? Two recent studies attempt to unravel the choices facing consumers with an analysis of the options.