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Now there are two companies in the D-VHS D-Theater camp.

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The picture is improving for cable giants <A HREF="">Cablevision</A> and <A HREF="">Comcast</A>. Both are enjoying increased revenue and profitability, according to figures released recently.

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Digital television is proving to be a huge boon to the Korean electronics industry.

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From the February issue, Peter Putman lights up the <A HREF="">JVC DLA-G150CL D-ILA front projector</A>. DLP may be hot, but as Putman finds, "what hooks people on D-ILA projectors is their amazing rendering of colors."

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Panasonic wants to make DVD-RAM the dominant video recording format in the near future.
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DVD: My Big Fat Greek Wedding—Warner Brothers
Audio: 3
Video: 3
Extras: 3
It's a rare person who isn't embarrassed by their family's quirks, but writer/actor Nia Vardalos' homage to her parents' and relatives' peculiar traditions captures just the right blend of humor and tenderness to make My Big Fat Greek Wedding charming.
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Giclée Art World
What's an evening in your home theater without your favorite film-time treat? Nothing makes a home theater a home theater more than a big, freshly popped bowl of popcorn. Now, thanks to artist Clark Carroll's Pop Art, you can keep that feeling in your theater even when the popper is taking a well-deserved rest. Carroll has been an illustrator for 30 years and has been a member of the Society of Illustrators in New York (whose other members have included Norman Rockwell). Pop Art is available as a limited-edition giclée on Somerset paper, numbered and signed by the artist. The 15- by 20-inch version sells for $250, and the 30- by 40-inch size is $400. It might not fill your theater with that buttery aroma, but Pop Art may be the next best thing.
Giclée Art World
(610) 449-5560
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Great performance doesn't have to be expensive. That's always been NAD's philosophy.
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Blockbuster, Inc. has won again, in something of a replay of last July's <A HREF="">dismissal</A> of an antitrust suit brought against the company in San Antonio, TX.

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<A HREF="">Philips Electronics</A> has often tested the market for new products by introducing them under its Magnavox brand. In late February, the Dutch industrial giant announced that it would follow that tradition with the release of a $499 DVD+RW recorder wearing the Magnavox badge.

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From the January issue, Peter Putman lights up the <A HREF="">Epson America PowerLite TW100 LCD front projector</A> to see if real home theater projectors exist at under five grand. As Putman notes, "Epson's entrance into the home-theater projector arena has long been anticipated."

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Home Cinema Accessories
It's often the only thing missing when Uncle Bob busts out the camcorder. A tripod might make his masterpieces easier to watch later, but we're talking about the verisimilitude that only a clapper can offer. The Professional Studio Clapboard from Home Cinema Accessories measures 11 inches tall and 12 wide, and it offers plenty of room to write and change your scene and take numbers. The Professional Studio Clapboard also comes with a wall-mounting cord for those who'd rather admire than direct, and it's a great value at just $15.
Home Cinema Accessories
(800) 346-8575
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DVD: The Color Purple Special Edition—Warner Brothers
Audio: 4
Video: 4
Extras: 4
Although many critics criticized The Color Purple as a "safe" version of Alice Walker's Pulitzer Prize-winning novel at the time of its theatrical release, the film still garnered 11 Academy Award nominations in 1985. Inexplicably, it managed to lose in every single category. To make matters worse, Steven Spielberg wasn't even nominated for best director, despite the film's nomination for best picture. There were rumors at the time of a Hollywood conspiracy against the ultra-successful Spielberg, and, after watching the new two-disc special-edition DVD of The Color Purple, I almost believe them. Perhaps best known for the powerful big-screen debuts of Whoopi Goldberg and Oprah Winfrey, The Color Purple boasts superb acting performances across the board.
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High definition video may be the Holy Grail for couch potatoes, but it's not good enough for the cinema. At least that's what members of the Digital Cinema Initiatives (DCI) concluded at a Hollywood technology retreat February 8.

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Direct satellite broadcaster DirecTV is making an aggressive move with live high-definition coverage of National Basketball Association games this season. Following transmission of the first NBA All Star game in HDTV Sunday, February 9, DirecTV, and the NY Knicks/LA Lakers game February 16, DirecTV will produce several more live NBA games in HDTV.