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Thomas J. Norton  |  Feb 17, 2009  |  0 comments
This review is part of a four-way Face Off. Read the introduction and conclusions of the Face Off here.

The Panasonic TH-50PZ800U is one of the first HDTVs to earn THX certification. But you might ask, “Isn’t THX mainly into audio?” I can see where you’re coming from, but THX isn’t exactly new to the home video business. It has certified video software for years and has begun to do the same for projectors and flat-panel displays.

Thomas J. Norton  |  Oct 06, 2008  |  0 comments
The One to Beat?

While LCD displays may dominate that video wall at your local Best Circuit Shack these days, don’t dismiss the benefits of plasmas. No company has put more R&D into plasma development than Panasonic, and it’s paid off. People may disagree about who makes the best plasma sets, but no one will dispute that Panasonic is in the thick of the action. When it comes to the breadth of its product range, Panasonic is the champ.

Adrienne Maxwell  |  Jan 23, 2006  |  0 comments
Router-free multimedia TV.

Media servers are a hot commodity right now. Almost every major manufacturer believes they've developed the easiest, best way to stream the music and photos from your computer via a network to your home entertainment system. While this is definitely a cool product category for the network inclined, there are those people who don't have a home network and, more importantly, don't want one. (Yes, it's hard to believe, but it's true.) Should we deny them easy access to vacation photos or their favorite party playlist on their TV?

Geoffrey Morrison  |  Oct 01, 2007  |  0 comments
Greatest flat panel ever.

Forgive my dipping into hyperbole for the caption, but there really wasn't another way to go. It's not just the fact that the PRO-110FD creates a beautiful image. It's that the image it creates is such a step above every other flat panel on the market that it is not even comparable. There's that hyperbole again. I'll stop and let the performance speak for itself.

Thomas J. Norton  |  Nov 03, 2008  |  0 comments
Price: $5,000 Highlights: Blacks to die for • Precise color and excellent resolution • 72-hertz operation on film-based sources for judder-free motion • Video processing could be better

Once More, With Feeling

My review schedule is starting to look a bit like the Pioneer Channel. But timing is everything. Pioneer is introducing a boatload of interesting new products, including the newest KURO flat panels. These include the upcoming Signature Series KURO monitor plasma models. Pioneer says these models will offer enough adjustments to inspire video calibrators to set up shop in buyers’ homes. “Will calibrate for room and board.”

Thomas J. Norton  |  Feb 17, 2009  |  0 comments
This review is part of a four-way Face Off. Read the introduction and conclusions of the Face Off here.

Manufacturers of flat-panel plasma televisions have been refining the technology for years. But Pioneer has been particularly successful at it. In the past, the company made some of the world’s best rear-projection CRT sets, and it knew that great black levels are the foundation of a great picture. That philosophy has paid off over the years, particularly in recent-generation KURO sets.

Thomas J. Norton  |  Apr 06, 2009  |  0 comments
Price: $7,000 At A Glance: Pricey, but offers unsurpassed image quality • No tuners or audio system • Last of the breed

The Last Hurrah for Kuro?

As I was finishing up this review, word arrived that Pioneer will exit the video display business. The economic climate, Pioneer’s premium prices, and the increasing market share of LCD displays combined to create a perfect storm that the company could not overcome. Pioneer panels will continue to be available through the end of 2009, including the Elite Signature Series monitors.

Ron Williams  |  Oct 05, 2002  |  First Published: Oct 06, 2002  |  0 comments
High-tech meets classical art.

In the home theater display realm, "some day" has finally arrived. As you've read in past issues of Home Theater, the world of technology is advancing, and we're all the better for it. We now reap the benefits of the microchip's evolution. Several audio DSP chips offer improved sound processing, and advanced video-processing chips have helped display technology take large steps forward.

Scott Wilkinson  |  Jan 20, 2009  |  0 comments

When Pioneer first introduced its Kuro plasma TVs a couple of years ago, everyone was amazed at their deep blacks, stunning detail, and gorgeous colors. Those first Kuro models represented Pioneer's eighth generation of plasma TVs, including the 50-inch <A href="">PRO-110FD</A> from Pioneer's upscale Elite line. The current offerings are referred to as 9G and include the 50-inch <A href="">Elite PRO-111FD</A>, which exhibits even deeper blacks than the previous generation.

Scott Wilkinson  |  Mar 17, 2008  |  0 comments

Pioneer has single-handedly revitalized the entire plasma market with its Kuro line. Named with the Japanese word for "black," all Kuro models exhibit astonishing black levels that are far lower than all other plasmas and just about all LCD TVs (except those that use LED backlighting, which can reach black levels that are literally 0fL).

Scott Wilkinson  |  Aug 15, 2008  |  0 comments

As most home-theater buffs know by now, Pioneer's Kuro plasmas are widely regarded as the best flat panels money can buy. Last year's models, known as eighth-generation or 8G, were universally praised by reviewers and owners alike.

Thomas J. Norton  |  Apr 10, 2005  |  First Published: Apr 11, 2005  |  0 comments

By itself, the Pioneer Elite PRO-505PU, the company's premier plasma display, is just a video monitor with a DVI input. But it's only sold in a package with the Pioneer Elite PRO-R05U Media Receiver. When linked together by two cables (one of them a DVI video connection, the other to send control signals to and from the panel), the two pieces form an integrated system, designated the Elite PRO-1120HD Plasma Display System.

Thomas J. Norton  |  Mar 18, 2006  |  0 comments

Pioneer's newest flagship 50-inch plasma display differs from its predecessors, including the <A HREF=" "> Elite Pro-1120HD</A>, in a number of important ways. For the buyer, however, the most important change is the price. At $5500, the Elite PRO-1130HD is a whopping $8000 cheaper than the $13,500 PRO-1120HD we reviewed back in April 2005. The fact that the PRO-1130HD is also better than last year's model illustrates just how competitive flat panel sales have become. Pioneer has had to dance as fast as it can to keep up with the major players in the market.

Thomas J. Norton  |  Apr 24, 2009  |  0 comments

Unless you live under a rock&#151;in which case, you probably don't read <I>UAV</I>&#151;you know that Pioneer's Kuro plasma TVs are the finest flat panels ever made. You also know that Pioneer is getting out of the plasma business altogether, much to the dismay of videophiles everywhere.

Shane Buettner  |  Jan 18, 2007  |  0 comments
  • $3,300
  • 42" Plasma
  • 1024x768
  • Key Connections: Dual HDMI and component inputs
Features We Like: Accepts 1080p/24 signals and displays them at 72Hz, Home Media Gallery, ISF ccc Calibration Ready, OTA and CableCARD HD tuners