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Contents: Phone Ring (x1), Cleaning Tissues (x2), User Manual (x1), Promotion Card (x1). Size/Dimensions: 4.05 x 3.50 x 0.23 cm... Weight:0.37 Ounces (10.6g)Diameter:2.82cmColor:Black, Silver, Rose-Gold, Gold, White Compatible Devices: iPhones, iPads, Samsung GALAXYs, Xperias, any device below 9kg. Product Features: a. Nanotechnology-processed PC material in ring holder's pad to deliver a smooth color.b. Ring can be used as safe way to use phone with one hand, but also usable as stand to watch movies, listen to music or read your favourite books. Installation: a. Clean device surface, dry thoroughly and peel off sticker. b. Firmly attach ring and pad to your device. read more