YAMAHA YHT-960 760W DVD Home Theater System


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Getting a new widescreen TV is only one step toward experiencing home-theater in your home. Your next step involves getting a surround sound system. Yamaha makes it really easy. They've created a completely matched system that includes everything you need. All you have to do is connect your new TV to it. There's a DVD player/changer that also plays SACD - CD - CDR - CDRW discs + MP3 CD - for up to 5 discs. A digitally-tuned AM/FM radio is also included plus Yamaha has also included XM Radio. To initiate the XM band, you need an optional XM home antenna and subscription to XM Satellite Radio service. Then, of course, there ar 5 Yamaha speakers that surround you with rich, definitive sound, plus a 130 Watt powered subwoofer with an 8" driver to deliver the deep bass that you'd hear in a large movie theater. All speaker wires are included along with a convenient remote control. It's a neat package that really simple to set up. With the reliable Yamaha quality and warranty, the YHT-960 is a perfect partner for your widescreen TV and HDTV monitor. Are you ready? Front center channel speaker has two 3 woofers wrapping one 3/4 tweeter Rear left and right speakers each have one 3 woofer and one 1/2 tweeter 5-Disc DVD changer can also play SACD - CD - CDR - CDRW discs + CDR/RW with pre-recorded MP3 files Digitally-tuned AM/FM radio Integrated XM Satellite Radio band - Activation requires a home XM antenna and subscription to XM radio service at a monthly fee Component video and A/V connection ports Component Video upconversion upgrades DVD performance to meet HDTV standards Includes speaker wire Multifunction FL Displays Convenient Yamaha remote control All speakers have removable grill cloth Color - Silver

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