Xpand B104LX1 Cinema YOUniversal BT/IR 3D Active Glasses - Blue


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Enjoy arresting visuals with these XPAND YOUniversal B104LX1 electronic 3D glasses that feature active shutter LCD lenses with fast switching speeds to provide an immersive viewing experience. The ergonomic frame offers comfort. Product Features: Compatible with select active IR 3D HDTVs. As well as select monitors, laptops, projectors and XPAND 3D cinema, including Acer, Bang and Olufsen, HP, JVC, NVIDIA, Panasonic, Sharp, Vizio, LG, Samsung, Mitsubishi, Philips and Sony models. High-performance active shutter LCD lenses. With fast switching speeds deliver an immersive viewing experience. Customizable design. Comprehensively addresses the viewer's vision requirements, the viewing environment and the selection of 3D devices to create an optimal, individualized 3D experience. RF dongle device (not included). Enables the glasses to communicate with select RF devices using a Full HD 3D protocol for flexible expansion options. Rechargeable lithium-ion polymer-cell battery. With 135 mAh capacity delivers up to 35 hours of power for extended use. Multifunction USB port. Lets you recharge the battery, upgrade software or plug in an RF dongle for versatile use. Lightweight, ergonomic frame design. Provides comfort during wear. Large size ensures a secure fit.

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