Wingmarg 960P Plug/Play WIFI Wireless HD Security Camera and Pan/Tilt Head ,PIR Motion detection,Night Version with remote voice intercom Home monitoring system Supports smartphone devices(Gold)


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Introducing the HD Wireless WiFi IP Camera / Baby Pet Monitor Precautions 1:This cable is 90CM, the mounting position can be adjustable,International standards, if you need to lengthen, you can purchase transfer extension power cord 2:We don't support the returns if it's not the quality problems,Pls kindly note before purchasing, HSP2PCamera Mobile Client Instructions ,Operation and hints of the device using Step 1: Download mobile APP. Step2: Connect the Wifi network (supporting the standard Wifi network in 2.4G band). Step3: Configure network connections to Wifi camera device. 1. Connect the Wifi camera to the power,open the mobile APP. 2. Choose the Add Device -acoustic waves configuration to the wifi, enter the wifi account and password (keep the same account and password with the wifi connected to the current telephone), keeping the phone speaker near the mouthpiece bit of the device. Press the setting button to send out the sonic waves until the device shows network configuration successful. When the telephone shows the P2P number and click on Add. note:if there is any questions for using, Pls don't hesitate to contact our tecnician email

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