Vizio M602i-B3 60-inch 1080p Smart LED TV


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wi fi enabled hdtv with 1080p full hd resolution vibrant led backlighting and pre installed apps for streaming movies and tv shows

Vizio M602i-B3 LCD/LED HDTV

Performance Features Ergonomics Value PRICE $1,250 AT A GLANCE Plus Great black levels and screen uniformity Mostly accurate color Good set of streaming options Low-glare screen Minus No gamma presets or adjustments THE VERDICT While it’s not quite the deal you get with Vizio’s lower-cost E series HDTVs, this M series set offers excellent performance at a very good price. Vizio opted to take some bold steps for their 2014 lineup of LCD TVs. The first was to get rid of 3D—no huge loss there, since most folks don’t watch 3D outside of movie theaters anyway. The second was to add a full-array local-dimming backlight—and not just to some of the new models, but to all of them. The entry-level 55-inch E series set that we reviewed in the July/August issue featured 12 dimmable zones. For the 60-inch M602i-B3 under scrutiny here, that number gets bumped up to 36. Do all those extra zones make the M602i-B3’s black-level performance three times as good? Read on to find out.

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