Vibe VHDEATHWRAP-V3M In-Ear Wearable Headphone with Mic


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Escape the silence with VIBE Audio's Black Death In Ear Headphones...VIBE are once again reigning down chaos upon the headphone world with the Black Death In Ear Headphones. The braided, textured cable with gothic skull charms gives the Black Death's a terrifying aesthetic, but most shockingly when not in use the jack plug can insert into the splitter, the headphones can then be coiled around your wrist or neck, binding you to your headphones for all eternity...But don't be fooled by the compact design, for a great power lies within the Black Death headphones; the micro 5.5mm drivers are capable of immense volume, dynamic detail and brutal bass. The Black Death In Ear Headphones include an assortment of replacement silicon and memory foam ear buds, to ensure a comfortable and secure fit for any size skull. VIBE Black Death In Ear Headphones are supplied on a dismembered skeleton hand. Store your headphones on the hand when not in use or get creative! Use as a phone holder, back scratcher, door stop or afro comb.... the possibilities are endless!

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