Vehicle Car GPS Tracker 103B With Remote Control GSM Alarm SD Card Slot Anti-theft Realtime Spy Tracker GPS103B TK103B for GSM GPRS GPS System Tracking Device


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1. It is not only a GPS tracker, but also a car alarm; 2. Arm/disarm by SMS remotely, or by the remote controller; 3. Track on command or by time interval via SMS/GPRS; 4. Live track the car by website for free; 5. Check the car's real physical address(such as city name, street name..) for free; 6. Check the location by Google map's URL; 7. Two-way talking function(optional) & voice monitoring function; 8. Vibration alarm, door open alarm, movement alarm and ignition on alarm & power failure alarm 9. Mileage calculation function (=odometer) 10. Geo-fence alarm (radius range: 0.1~99KM); 11. Over-speed alarm (speed range:1~255km/h); 12. SOS button to call for help in case of emergency; 13. Open/close car door remotely by mobile phone; 14. Start the car's engine remotely by SMS;(optional) 15. Cut off engine to stop the car safely by SMS/GPRS; 16. Monitor fuel level; 17. Central lock automation, when the speed is >30Km/h, car door will be locked automatically; 18. Inbuilt 4Mb data logger to store the offline GPS waypoints;

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