V7 CBLMHLVPW-1N Micro USB to VGA Adapter - USB/VGA/Mini-phone for Audio/Video Device, Cellular Phone, Monitor, TV, Tablet PC - 1 x Type B Male Micro USB - 1 x HD-15 Female VGA, 1 x Mini-phone Female Stereo Audio, 1 x Female USB - Black


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The V7 MHL adapter connects your MHL enabled mobile device such as a smart phone or tablet to a TV or monitor that has a VGA input. It automatically switches the phone from USB data / charging to MHL video mode. The MHL to VGA adapter supports 1920x1080p output resolution and has a 3.5mm audio jack, to deliver sound with your video. This compact, active adapter offers a Micro USB port on the side, for the added benefit of simultaneously charging your connected mobile device.

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