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Galaxy Audio

<p><b>Overview</b></p> Today, there is a need to know just how loud your surroundings really are. The CM-170 is an affordable IEC ...61672-1 Type II SPL meter that competes with some of the best SPL meters on the market. The CHECK MATES are inexpensive tools that everybody working in loud environments should own. Windscreen and battery are included with the CHECK MATE models. The CHECK MATE series SPL (Sound Pressure Level) meters, first introduced in early 2003, allow musicians, sound contractors, and others to measure SPL in decibels (dB). A decibel is defined as the unit for measuring relative loudness of a sound. We have expanded our line from one CHECK MATE SPL Meter to four products in the category. We have sold thousands of units to working musicians, DJs, police departments, sound contractors, racetracks, etc... The CM-170 is the latest in the line of Galaxy Audio SPL Meters. The CM-170 is similar to our CM-160 model, except that it has Data Logging with Clock feature, Fast/Slow Time Weighting, and Electronic Calibration. The CM-170 comes complete with a carry case, windscreen, USB cable, and software for computer.</p> <p><b>In the box</b></p> <li>USB Cable for CM-150 & CM-160</li> <li>CM-C200 Calibrator</li> <li>Power Supply for CM-150 & CM-160 SPL Meters</li> read more


<p><b>CalMAN and Chromapure ready, 4K Ultra HD Test Pattern Generator</b></p> <p>DVDO AVLab Test Pattern Generator (TPG) is the f...irst pocket-sized HDMI 2.0 test pattern generator<br /> supporting full 4K Ultra HD at 50/60Hz.</p> <p><br /> Designed specifically for use with Color Management System (CMS) software such as CalMAN,<br /> the AVLab TPG is powered by USB and uses the USB interface to automatically control the video<br /> calibration workflow. Pocket-sized and rugged, AVLab TPG is designed to bring lab-quality<br /> functionality to on-site display setup and calibration.</p> <p><b>Full 4K (50/60Hz) Patterns</b><br /> AVLab TPG matches test pattern quality to the capability of the 4K Ultra HD panel which is<br /> critical to achieve optimum results. Professional AV installers can use custom 4K test patterns to<br /> verify format, sharpness, black levels and color calibration. </p> <p><b>Easy Control</b><br /> Included IR remote with fast-find pattern buttons.<br /> Direct USB connection providing power and control for integration with CalMAN or Chromapure. <br />Full On-Screen display for device setup and pattern selection.</p> <p><b>Custom ISF Patterns</b><br /> DVDO collaborated with the Image Science Foundation (ISF) to include a set of black and<br /> white PLUGE patterns in the AVLab TPG for quick visual verification of black and white levels as<br /> well as contrast. Wide Range of Easily Accessible Patterns</p> read more

Dayton Audio

The Dayton Audio EMM 6 precision electret condenser microphone is designed for measurement and critical recording applications extremely flat frequency response and a true Omni directional polar pattern is a must for accuracy. read more