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TSM12 Dual 2x Source Inputs with A/B Switching 12-Zone Input Autoformer-Based Speaker Selector with Amplifier Protection Circuitry - OSD Audio


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OSD Audio’s TSM-12 Dual Source 12-Zone Speaker Selector is a powerful audio distribution system that can be installed in both residential and commercial spaces. Equipped with high-end features and flexible switching capabilities, this affordably-priced selector connects up to 12 pairs of speakers (12 listening zones) and allows you to select the zones you want to play with easy push-button control. Choose any pair of speakers, a combination of pairs, or play all 12 pairs of speakers at once without the risk of damaging the amplifier. Compatible with in-wall volume controls, the TSM-12 selector also includes dual source switching (A/B) to switch between two amplifiers sources. An important safety feature included on this unit is the impedance matching transformer that reduces subsonic signals so you can drive multiple pairs of speakers without going below safe impedance ratings. This helps maintain a safe operating load at the amp to prevent damage while still distributing maximum power. The rear-panel rotary switch can be used to set the appropriate impedance levels to be seen by your amplifier based on the number of pair of speakers connected. Connecting speakers and amplifiers to the TSM-12 is easy, even for non-technical types, with removable 4-pole color coded snap-in connectors that accept up to 14-gauge wire, and the low-profile design fits inside cabinets and equipment racks. We also include pre-printed die-cut labels to give your audio system a professional look and to help identify each listening zone you want to control, for example, kitchen, patio, dining room, etc. Made of high quality construction that defies the price, we know you’ll love this versatile speaker selector and include a two-year warranty. Specifications * Power Handling: 100 watts RMS continuous per channel 300 watts, 200 Watts per channel average, 300 Watts per channel peak per channel * Minimum Speaker Impedance: 4 Ohms * Low-frequency protection: Bipolar capacitor circuit 6 dB high-pass filter, centered at 30 Hz * Amplifier/Speaker Connectors: Removable 4-pole color coded snap-in connectors * Maximum Wire Gauge: 14AWG * Dimensions: 17” x 7.1” x 2.9” * Weight: 11 lbs.

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