TRAKK Glow New Model App Enabled LED Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker, 360 Degree 20W - Weatherproof 30 Feet Long Distance Connectivity - Auto Sleep 10 Hours of Play/Work Time Includes USB Power Bank, 4600mAh


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TRAKK GLOW • Weatherproof APP Enabled Bluetooth Speaker Designed for the activities. TRAKK GLOW allows you to easily have an external and internal speaker sharing the latest Bluetooth Streaming Technology, with Brilliant LED lighting. • This speaker is extremely durable and can suit anyone anywhere! - CAMPING - FISHING - MARINE APPLICATIONS - POOL AREAS - DESK - BEDSIDE - PARTY - BEACH - ANYWHERE YOU WOULD LIKE THE ADDED CONVENIENCE OF SOUND AND LED LIGHTING WATERPROOF • The TRAKK GLOW is IPX5 Rated Waterproof which provides protection from water jets and splashing of water with no harm done to the Glow. POWER BANK INCLUDED Go for a late night Swim with your APP enabled Glow. Protected from Water and Light! • APP ENABLED LED LIGHT - Download the TRAKK GLOW app and enjoy the Bright Lighting of your choice. You can use The APP's preset light functions or you can customize based on your liking or activity. - The TRAKK GLOW features an integrated audio Equalizer. You can select your desired sound mode for a selection of: Pop, Rock, Classical, Disco, Jazz or Theater. • TRAKK GLOW features a Color Scan, Insect Light, AUTO Sleep Timer, or you can customize your own light according to your desires or adventures! The Color Scan Mode constantly changes the light color through the Color Spectrum which is included in the APP. Slide the speed control to suit your current mood! Enjoy parting or relaxing, That's your choice! • The Insect Light Mode helps keep insects away from you when needed or wanted! This function has been tested and proven! • The Auto Sleep feature allows you to completely power off your speaker light after a predetermined period of time that you select! This is a fantastic security function as well as being useful if someone is using the TRAKK GLOW to sleep assistance! • SOS Function allows you to send SOS signal via LED light at periods of an emergency! Never Camp alone again!

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