TPU Non-toxic Ultra Thin Keyboard Protector Cover Skin for 11.6'' Dell Inspiron 11-3147 11-3148 11-3153 11-3157 i3147 i3148 i3153 i3157 (if your "enter" key looks like "7", our skin can't fit)


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Caution: Please DO check these 3 points to avoid buying wrongly!!! 1, DO check your laptop model. It is only fit for these models => --- DELL Inspiron 11-3147, i3147 --- DELL Inspiron 11-3148, i3148 --- DELL Inspiron 11-3153, i3153 --- DELL Inspiron 11-3157, i3157 2, DO check your "enter" key to make sure it is a rectangle. If your "enter" key looks like "7", our skin can't fit. 3, To all buyers who only used silicone materials before: as it is high quality TPU material, extremely clear, quite different from silicone, all buyers must use small stripes of double-side adhesive tapes to stick around the margin to avoid it moves around or slide around.

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