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TNP 2.5mm Extension Cable (15 Feet) - Male to Female Adapter Extender Stereo Audio Sub Mini Subminiature Jack Adapter Wire Cord Plug Connector for Headset Headphone Microphone


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2.5mm Headset Jack is a small round connector plug that was originally used for phone headsets. This 2.5mm subminiature stereo audio cable is convenient for connecting portable mobile devices and small electronics, such as gaming headset, cell phones, mobile phones, MP3 players and other connections requiring a 2.5mm plug on both ends. Our 2.5mm subminiature Cord is 150% compatibility with all devices having standard 2.5mm subminiature ports.|Designed for the customer with a specific audio need in mind. Our cable offers crystal clear phonics with any of your devices. Reliable enough to be there when you need it and provide the same level of quality you experienced the first day you receive it.

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