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Thonet and Vander Vertrag BT Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers (180 Peak Watts) Compact 2.0 Studio Monitors - Enhanced Bass Speaker System - Works with iOS/Android/MacOS/Windows (German Engineered) White


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Vertrag Hi-Fi Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers. Meet Vertrag, Thonet and Vander's 2.0 compact studio monitors with Bluetooth 4.0. Compact shape, wide sound engineering and design at the service of your senses, so you can perceive sounds with enhanced intensity and power. The Vertrag Bluetooth bookshelf speakers offer a new way of listening to music, where its technological and acoustic innovations enables you to perceive every detail of your favorite music. Live an unlimited sound experience. Vertrag Bluetooth near-field studio monitors has a power output of 36 watts RMS. These Bluetooth Hi-Fi active 2.0 near-field studio monitors can be appreciated due to its geometric design where the fine details in the lateral angles adds a fresh and dynamic note. Medium sized, exactly 161 x 190 x 240 mm, it has the ability to provide class and elegance to every room of your house. The Vertrag Studio Monitors delivers a high quality sound, with a high response and performance. It has the ability to harmonize perfectly the extreme treble and bass frequencies, allowing a pure playback of music. Essential for those who seek high performance equipment in the home audio system range. Hammer Bass technology allows playing the bass sounds in a deeper and adjusted way. It enables to magnify the impact of bass frequencies, dynamic and deeply perceived, even when playing at high volume. You can experience the sound like in a real theater in your home or office. Each speaker in these active 2.0 near-field studio monitors has a 4-inch woofer made of lignin cane fiber*. This natural polymer is ultra-durable and lightweight, allowing the driver to optimize performance. The tweeter is 0.5 inches, made entirely of polyethylene micro sheets, which provide precision and detail on treble. Ergonomic controls are built with materials of the latest generation, which allows to optimize the selection range by regulating in a precise and detailed way the volume, bass and treble.

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