TEAC XLR balanced inputs equipped with pre-main amplifier Reference 501 Special packages (Silver AX-501-SP / S)


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Product Description ★ it has a preamplifier and a high-power Class-D amplifier of fully balanced configuration, Integrated Amplifier equipped with a balanced XLR input. ◆ is equipped with a full-fledged pre-amplifier section that hard to imagine from a compact body. Equipped with a balance input by XLR terminal, internal preamplifier circuit employs a fully balanced configuration. By pierced balance configuration until being inputted to the power amplifier part, allows music playback with reduced noise pickup. Since it has also three systems equipped with analog input by RCA, CD players, such as PD-501HR-SP, also will be able to connect more than one other audio equipment. Full-fledged audio circuit to appropriate powerful power supply unit also features, I am equipped with a power supply unit which adopted the toroidal core power transformer in a compact body. ◆ Equipped with Class-D amplifier of ABLETEC a power amplifier part that has gained popularity is adopted in AI-501DA. Practical maximum output can be driven in a large floor speakers also afford not you so become a 88W + 88W, good speaker, you can build the play environment in style by selecting the speaker of choice of matching. Of course it is possible to cope with these speakers, it is equipped AWG8 support of large screw type, the speaker output terminal of banana plug. The headphone amplifier part is adopted CCLC circuit, we have prepared a headphone circuit that are friendly to the sound quality so that it can enjoy headphone listening. Latest digital audio source, which is the analog of the USB DAC is also important to buy collected CD library also, along with the pulsation of the pointer-type level meter, you can enjoy a variety of speakers, a variety of headphones.