Teac AI-501DA-S Integrated Amplifier with 192kHz USB Audio Input (Silver)


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TEAC America has announced the release of their new Reference 501 Series. The series is a line of audiophile-grade 2-channel audio players listed at a fraction of competitors’ prices. Made up of four discreet components wrapped in full aluminum builds, rigged with “green-technology” and small footprints, the HA-501, PD-501HR, AI-501DA and the UD-501 make up a powerful team. TEAC’s 501 series is revolutionizing the industry by offering technology and build designs to a demographic that could never have approached products like these before. The AI-501DA integrated power amplifier with 192kHz USB digital audio inputs and low power consumption is the powerhouse of the group. Hosting a BurrBrown PCM5102 D/A Converter, USB connectivity, Class-D ABLETEC Norway amplifier and a toroidal-core power transformer makes the AI-501DA a key component for the 501 series or any other 2-channel system. These models prove that no one can do it better, or offer a fairer price than TEAC. The remarkable Reference 501 Series fulfills the demands of any avid audio listener from DSD playback, USB streaming, headphone adaptation to a timeless look and rugged build. There’s no need for more because TEAC’s Reference 501 series has it all.

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