Sylvania STT102USB Portable USB Encoding Turntable Record Player in Suitcase


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Do you love the warm and rich sound of vinyl and looking for a portable way to play your favorite records? Sylvania is well known for decades of experience in producing the highest quality record players. Their latest PC encoding turntable portable model, is neatly enclosed in a high quality briefcase making it a breeze to close up and take with you to any party! The 3 - speed turntable has a speaker system built in so you can play your tunes right on the record player without needing to connect it to an external speaker. There is volume control and you can select your speed (22/45/78 RPM). Also included is an RCA Aux out jack and a USB Power jack. With this turntable player you can easily convert your vinyl records into a digital WAV or MP3 file for easy storage on your computer, or to transfer them to your iPhone, iPad or other digital media phone or device. The top loading record player will bring you years of enjoyment!

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