Svpro portable bluetooth 3D VR headset glasses with comfortable adjustable head straps and clear image,compatible with iphone or Android mobile phone 4.7-6.0 inchs


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While you get the purchase,you get an amazing wolrd--By Svpro Virtual Reality 3D Glasses.It is a cabinet but featured device that you can experience the immersive, funny and exciting world of VR. Fly through the Grand Canyon, play 3D games, travel the city streets of Paris or become a character in an animated film. Features ◆Use high quality ABS and aspherical PMMA lens material without stimulation plastic sheet, environmental, high quality;PMMA lens material have good optical properties,transparency comparable with optical glass, almost nonabsorbable whole band light, visible light transmittance of> 91%, good gloss; ◆This 3D Headset is suitable for almost all kinds of phones (Android / IOS, etc) that screen between 4.7~6.0 inches.1280 * 720 pixels more better;works with over 300+ iOS/Android virtual reality apps on Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Search VR games/3D split screen or some other related keyword on Google Play or APP store to enjoy shocking 3D effect; ◆Adjustable on head strap&decrease the pressure--it is the T-shaped straps which can share for everyone.Its design can also help decrease the pressure on around your eyes so you will feel much more comfortable when enjoy the movie or game; ◆Light and small,easily to carry so you can enjoy the immersive video anytime wherever you are.You can still lying down, tummy, sitting Or other any positions; Instructions for use ●Open the 3D video or game of left and right format in your cell phone,insert your cell phone into the slot on the top,and then keep the centre cine of your cell phone and the view division cine of the camera aligned; ●Put the camera on your head,adjust the tightness of head bard that fits you,and then make sure the centre points of the lens are right before your eyes,you are now free to enjoy a 3D video or game;

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