SuperEcable - Three RCA Coaxial Composite TV Audio Video Extension Cable (Male / Female) 35 Ft, Cable wire is 100% Copper


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RCA THREE coaxial video/audio cable jumper Connect cable set-top box to HDTV audio input, or stereo components Red and white RCA male plugs on each end 75ohm Coaxial Audio Cable The Home Theater series RCA Audio cables are the premium choice for connecting your high-definition VCR, DVD, TV and home theater audio equipment. With its oxgyen free copper audio cable, you can expect clear audio every time. The low-loss 100% spiral-wound copper shielding offers protection against EMI/RFI interference. heavy-duty connectors ensure long lasting, corrosion-free connections to your equipment. The color-coded molded connectors attach to an ultra-flexible jacket allowing for easy installation and identification. Features. Connectors: Three RCA Audio Male to Three RCA Audio Male Links the composite RCA-type audio signal from your VCR, camcorder or any audio-based component with RCA-type connectors, to your TV monitor or receiver Constructed of low-loss 100% spiral-wound copper shielded OFC audio cable Ultra-flexible jacket for easy installation Gold terminals ensure long lasting, corrosion-free connections

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