Startech StarTech TBOLTMM1M Black 1m ThunderBolt Cable Male Male


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Description: The 1m (3.28ft) Thunderbolt cables offer a high quality solution for harnessing the speed and power of Thunderbolt technology, delivering full 10Gbps performance while combining both data and video into a single high-performance cable. The cables support daisy chaining of up to 6 compatible devices, which ensures streamlined performance and easier setup. Plus, with dual channel, bi-directional data transfer capability and support for power delivery (for bus-powered devices), these Thunderbolt cables offer the robust performance needed for optimal connections. This high quality Thunderbolt cable is specifically designed to provide a clutter-free solution for device connections of up to 1m, providing enough cable length to connect compatible devices. Features: * Dual-channel, simultaneous bi-directional data and video transfers up to 10 Gbps * Supports Power-over-cable, for bus-powered Thunderbolt devices

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