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<b>Ever wished you had more control over your home lighting?</b><br><br>Meet <b>&#x1F31F; THE SMARTEST &#x1F31F;</b> Bluetooth (BL...E) <b>color-changing</b> smartphone-controlled LED bulbs yet! Control your lights, control your moods, kick-start that party or entertain your guests.<br><br>????? <b>"It is quite a conversation piece!"</b> <br>"My house party turned into a disco club as the lights were changing to music."<br><br>????? <b>"My kids loved it... "</b><br>"Imagine your daughter being able to turn her whole room to pink or whatever color she wants with one tap. Best gift ever!"</b><br><br>????? <b>"I turned my Man Cave into Man Heaven!</b><br>"Bulbs + LED Strips make perfect combo!"<br><br>- From Recent Reviews<br><br><b>No HUB Required:</b> Install -> Download App -> Enjoy<br><br>As the best RGBW (red, green, blue, white) color changing app-controlled LED lighting bulb used by lighting experts and smart-tech enthusiasts everywhere, LUCERO SMART BULB can be set to over <b>16 million colors</b> at the touch of a button, with <b>variable brightness</b>! In addition, the bulbs can effortlessly cycle, smoothly fade, strobe, and flash through every color - offering a complete light show directly from any standard home light bulb outlet. <br><br><b>Endless Possibilities</b><br> - Save Your Colors - Built in Memory<br>- Music Sync & Microphone Sync<br> - Control by Group (up to 5/group) or Individually (up to 50) <br>- Timer Mode + Schedule Actions<br>- Bluetooth Control via iPhone, Android, Kindle Fire or Windows Phone<br>- Energy Efficient<br>- Long Lasting<br>- Easy: No extra hardware, no hubs, no gateways, no Wifi, no bridges<br>- Moods Library<br>- Pre-programmed Modes<br>...<br><br><b>Money Back Guarantee:</b> if you aren't thrilled with Lucero smart light bulbs, simply return them to Amazon for a full money back guarantee. read more

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Set the mood for dinner, work or movie time. The WeMo Wi-Fi smart dimmer is the smartest way to create the perfect ambiance. Choos...e your desired level of brightness and set schedules and timers right from your phone or tablet so your lights do what you want when you want from anywhere. WeMo dimmer switch seamlessly replaces your existing dimmer switch and works with any one-way connection light. Easy install, perfect for diyers. Neutral wire required. Not recommended for use with a metal faceplate. Download the free app, and control your lights from your phone or tablet. No Hub or subscription required. read more

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<b>EVAIKON WiFi Smart LED Light Bulb Works with Alexa Echo</b><br><br><b>Specification:</b><br><br> ? Connection Method: WiFi 2.4G...<br> ? LED: RGBW<br> ? Power: 9W<br> ? PF: 0.65<br> ? humidity: ?80%<br> ? Wireless Consuming: ?0.3W<br> ? Encryption Type : AES<br> ? Material: PC + Aluminum<br> ? Light Color: Warm White<br> ? Life Span: 5000h<br> ? Connector Type: E27<br> ? Voltage: 110V -240V<br> ? Frequency: 50-60Hz<br> ? Luminous Flux: 800-850LM<br> ? Light Effect: 85LM/W<br> ? Working Condition Temp: -5~45degree<br> ? Wireless IEEE standards: 802.11b/g/n<br> ? Color Temperature: 2700-3200K,6000-6500K<br><br> ? Support: Status Tracking,Home Appliances status timely feedback to device.<br> ? Support 16,000,000 colors adjust with your smart phone<br> read more

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<b>Introducing MagicLight Bluetooth Smart LED Light Bulb</b> <br /> <br />Meet MagicLight Bluetooth, a revolutionary new light that changes the way you see lights. <br /> <br />MagicLight Bulb is a Bluetooth enabled, multicolored, energy efficient smart LED light bulb that you can control with your Smartphone or tablet. <br /> <br />MagicLight bulb can help you relax or concentrate, change the atmosphere of a room, or bring a party to life. The possibilities are endless. <br /> <br /><b>Simple & Fast Setup </b> <br />Install the top designed free app "MagicLight BT" from App Store or Google Play Store, Screw in the bulb and Run the app, enjoy! <br /> <br /><b>Colors Settings</b> <br />Personalize your lights with a color palette of over 16 million colors and different tones of white light and every color is dimmable. <br /> <br /><b>Music Sync & Mic</b> <br />Music Sync allows you to automatically change the lights to match your music. Rock, Normal, Jazz or Classical settings to control different transitions <br /> <br /><b>Group Bulbs</b> <br /> Control each bulb individually, or together as a group. <br /> <br /><b>Timer & Sunrise & Sunset</b> <br />Schedule your bulb to turn on or off at any pre-set time, "Sunrise" mode to have the bulb gradually brighten for wake up and "Sunset" mode to have it gradually dimming for easy sleeping. <br /> <br /><b>Scene Mode & Camera</b> <br />Use your favorite photos to set up the colors, or pickup colors from Camera. <br /> <br /> <b>Dynamic & Customs</b> <br />20 Pre programmed color modes to kick start your party, and you can also create your own modes. <br /> <br /><b>Night-Light</b> <br />The Night-Light function helps a lot with your relax and quality sleeping time. <br /> <br /><b>Cost & Energy Savings</b> <br />It has a lifetime of 20,000 hours and consumes just 7 watts delivering about 80% energy savings. <br /> <br /><b>App Name: ?MagicLight BT?</b> read more

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<b>Product Description</b><br/> Bulb specification: E26 <br/> Input Voltage:AC100V-240V<br/> Color Temperature:3000-6000K<br/> Lam...p Body Material: Aluminum+Plastic <br/> Dimension: ?80mm*110mm<br/> Multi Colored Colorful changing: You can choose over 16 million color what you like to light up . <br/> Connect: Bluetooth 4.0 compatible device. Automatically connect with connected device after switch on. <br/> Memory: Keep last color or program mode<br/> <b>Special Feature </b><br/>In color mode,when click M+ or M- after 5 times,it appears cycle color and change automatically.<br/> <br/> <b>Why us</b><br/> 24 hour dedicated email customer support <br/> 100% customer satisfaction <br/> You can contact us anytime from the date of purchase, we will try our best to provide you the best service.<br/> <br/> read more

LexiLED Lighting (dba Sengled USA)

<p>Sengled Element Touch is an A19 LED bulb that provides 800 lumens of light, equivalent to a 60W incandescent bulb. It will last... 22 years and offers warm white to daylight colors, adjustable by the customer at the touch of a button. Element Touch is certified to work with most Zigbee hubs such as Samsung SmartThings and PEQ as well as iControl systems such as Xfinity Home, Cox Homelife and Rogers. Note: the Element Touch bulb requires a compatible hub to operate and the Element Touch is not compatible with Sengled Element hubs currently.</p> <br> <p>Unlike a typical LED bulb, the Sengled Element Touch can be controlled via a push button on the bulb itself and wirelessly via a compatible home control or security system such as iControl or SmartThings hub. In addition, Sengled Element Touch will not flicker when connected to and controlled by the existing wall dimmers/switches from most of the major brands on the market. Lastly, Element Touch can measure and display real time electricity usage.</p> read more

Wink Labs Inc.

Relay is a wall-mountable touchscreen controller that runs the Wink app, giving you instant access to your smart products. Manage ...lights, locks, appliances, and more all from a central location. This beautifully designed command center is fully loaded with temperature, humidity, and proximity sensors, plus two smart light switches; it's like an entire smart home on your wall.For further queries contact @1-844-WINK-APP. read more


Ankuoo REC Lite Wi-Fi smart plug allows you to control your plugged devices from anywhere at any time. REC Lite works with Amazon ...Alexa. Amazon echo lets you control your connected devices using your voice. You can also Schedule your devices to be on/off at any day of the week or set it a specific time in a day. The anti-theft timer creates a lived-in look for vacation security. Countdown timer gives you a convenient control over your lights, fans or heaters. read more


NUBRYTE TOUCHPOINT secures and automates your house, right from the light switch. Smart home features like Security, Touch-Free L...ighting, Remote and Smart Lighting Control, Intercom, and more, all combined in one simple-to-use, streamlined touchscreen console. Free secure cloud storage and feature updates included. <br><b>Setup & Compatibility: </b> Each Touchpoint replaces one of your home's light switches, and is compatible with dimmable LED, CFL, halogen, and incandescent light bulbs. Select Single or Dual switch size to replace one or two switches in the gang box. Neutral wire required. Power source: In-wall AC 120v/60Hz. For use with permanently installed lighting fixtures. Not compatible with ceiling fans or multiway switch configurations (two or more switches controlling a light). Please contact for support or questions. <br><b>Coming Soon: </b> NuBryte Touchpoint Fan will offer ceiling fan control. NuBryte Smart Switches will bring control of 1-4 adjacent switches and multi-way switch compatibility for a whole home solution. Our new products will be fully compatible with the NuBryte Touchpoint and other NuBryte devices. <br><b>Free NuBryte APP: </b> Control features from the couch or the other side of the world: iPhone 4S and newer, from iOS7, or Android 4.2 and newer with a screen size of at least 3.5? (diagonal). Android is a trademark of Google, Inc. read more

Switchmate Home LLC

Switchmate automatically turns on lights as you arrive home or enter rooms and is installed through a simple one-second installati...on, so everyone can enjoy the many benefits of smart lighting without the hassle of complicated set ups. It is the first smart home product that can be use with absolutely no configuration, tools, wiring, or wifi. Switchmate instantly attaches magnetically to existing toggle or rocker switches and is controlled through the free app on your smart phone. Always makes it look like you are home for enhanced security with Switchmates timers that automatically turn your lights on/off, and function even when you?re away from your home. Switchmate instantly modernizes old, outdated light switches and transform in-home décor, which can be conveniently moved around the home or taken when you relocate. Just snap, tap, and start enjoying smart lighting simplified with Switchmate. read more


Conveniently create just the right for reading, watching TV, or entertaining, with the Caseta Wireless plug-in lamp dimmer. The lamp dimmer simply plugs into a standard outlet and can be used in conjunction with up to two lamps. It works with dimmable LEDs and compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs, as well as incandescent and halogens. Conveniently control your floor or table lamps with a Pico remote control, sold separately. read more

WigWag, Inc.

The WigWag Smart Lighting Starter Kit includes the WigWag Relay Lite and 5 Filament smart color LEDs. Designed to be the digital c...ore of the modern smart home, the Relay Lite gets all of your smart devices working together as a personalized system that is more manageable, secure and automatic. Created with interoperability, security and flexibility in mind, the WigWag Relay Lite works with other WigWag smart devices plus wired and wireless IP based devices from popular brands, including Hue, LIFX and WeMo. It is programmable and expandable to additional protocols such as ZigBee and Z-Wave, and because of it?s unique hybrid network architecture, it works even when the Internet is down. The Relay Lite includes the WigWag Rule builder that will enable you to create custom environments for a wide variety of scenarios ? just like the pros. To get you started, we?ve included 5 WigWag Filaments smart RGB LED bulbs. These are high performing, colorable, dimmable LED?s that you can control from your smartphone (iOS or Android), or program them to respond to sensors, time and other triggers. All WigWag devices use our patented technology which forms a mesh network that expands as you add WigWag devices. This means, you don?t have to worry about the dead spots often experienced with WiFi products. The advanced routing and broadcast technology ensures ultra-fast response times from all of your devices at once. Each WigWag device is encrypted individually using AES 128-bit encryption, then the key updates every 4 hours. This is like having a locksmith come 6 times a day to change all of your door locks. If you?re looking to start with home automation, but you want the option to expand to a broader range of devices in the future, the WigWag Smart Lighting Kit is a great starting point. Don?t get stuck with legacy systems that can?t be upgraded, expanded to other protocols, or operate without the cloud. Future proof your smart home investment with WigWag. (Echo coming soon) read more


<div class="transparency-container aplus-content-container"> <div class="transparency-sub-heading"> <p style="text-align:justify">...ilumi Smartbulbs unlock the natural power of light giving you better lighting for better living. Just screw in an ilumi Smartbulb like a regular bulb and download the free ilumi app to pick out exactly the right light color and brightness for your space and adjust it with your schedule. With Bluetooth Mesh connectivity, start with one or light your whole home in perfect lighting. Using the free app, you can adjust the color and brightness of your lighting or explore amazing built-in programs to experience lighting like never before. Plus, ilumi lasts up to 20 years and is 5x more energy efficient than a regular light bulb. ilumi is an advanced wireless lighting system in a light bulb, that's easy to install: no boxes, bridges, routers or other complications for a simple, plug-and-play setup. Your ilumi will be up-and-running in seconds. With ilumi, you'll never see lighting the same again.</p> </div> </div> read more


The Smart Switch gives you control over your appliances, electronics, and wall outlets. It sets up automated schedules, make sure ...dangerous appliances are turned off, monitor energy use, never allow you to walk into a dark home again. read more


<span id="caseCorrespondence_33893156095_text">Control your lighting from anywhere with the LB100. The smart bulb installs as as a standard light bulb, and connects to your home Wi-Fi in no time through the free Kasa app. Kasa also lets you manage your lights with your smartphone or tablet, including adjusting brightness and setting schedules and scenes. For added convenience, you can use your voice to control the LB100 when paired with Amazon Alexa.</span> read more


Technical specification: Bluetooth Specification: 4.0+EDR Bluetooth Chips:CSR8635 Bluetooth Profile: Headset, Hands Free, A2DP, A...VRCP Supports APT-x feature (HiFi stereo) RF Range: 10m Noise reduction: CVC6.0 Supports iPhone battery display Stand-by time: about 175 hours Calculating Conversation Time: about 5 hours Charging time: About 2 hours Dimension (L¡ÁW¡ÁH):1.32¡Á0.79¡Á1.05inch Weight: 0.58ounces Features: On-ear controls for calls and music. Up to 5 hours of Talk/Playing Time and 185 hours Standby Time. Sweat-proof and durable design. On-ear music/call controls help avoid removing earbuds from ear or dealing with tangles wires. CVC 6.0 smart noise reduction improve call quality. Multicast technology allow you to connect 2 mobiles at the same time. Note: 1. Before you start using the headset, please use the USB charge cable to charge it first. 2. Pairing: press the power button of the headset, you will see the blue-red light blinking, it will automatically enter pairing mode. 3. Make sure you turned on the bluetooth on your phone, search headset model on it. The headset support the laptop which with built-in bluetooth adapter or inserted in a third party bluetooth adapter. 4. Select the Bluetooth model and click connect. Enter the password or code 0000 if needed. Warranty Every Arteck Product includes a 60-day money-back & 24-month friendly customer service! read more


BESTEK 3 in 1 Holder: Solid and Stable Construction: Wide metal base and a little heavy weight, prevent your phone from falling Protective rubber pad, avoids scratching delicate surfaces of your desk or table. Universal Cell Desk Phone Holder: Compatible with any smart phones, small tablet pcs and other mobile devices. Silver color and light surroundings, meet your high end needs and offer you with a nice experience. Powerful Magnet Force: Super magnetic head produces an intensive force of attraction that will hold devices firmly, protecting your phone from falling or moving around. Easy installation:1 for dashoard holder, just attached the mount to the windshield or to the dashboard, 2 for magnetic holderjust put the magnet holder in the table,3.for kitchen/table phone holder, just fasthen the holder in the table,, and you are done. Hand Free Phone Holder: Free you hands to use your mobile devices in your home, office ,den, living room flat. Size of your palm, won't take up much room, makes your desk organized, bring more convenience to your life and work. read more


Brightness Levels and 36 Long Lasting LED bulbs Just Press the power button, you will be able to switch to another lighting level.... The 36 LED bulbs will be able to provide enough lighting for you to take great selfies. It can be a fun side supplemental light for creative photography or video Unlike the Lumee light phone case which only fits on some smart Phones, this light clips on all smart phones, including but not limited to iPhone 7 Plus/ 7/ 6s / 6s Plus / 6 /6 Plus / 5s / 5c / 5 / 4s / 4, Samsung Galaxy series like GalaxyS7 /S7 edge S6, S6 Edge Plus, S5, S4, S3, Note 5, 4, 3, LG Phones, Motorola Phones Moto, Huawei, HTC, Sony, pretty much ALL Android phones and other smart phones, tablets including iPad, iPad mini, iPad pro & even MacBook and PC How Light Affects Your Selfies? Yep, Lighting Can Totally Change the Way Your Selfie Looks How many photos have you taken on your smartphone this week and posted on facebook, youtube, twitter or Instagram? The ubiquity of the camera phone and the popularity of photo apps mean that we're all amateur photographers these days. You are not always provided with natural lighting which makes your face glow. Sometimes, the sun is too bright and sometimes the weather is too cloudy. These situations, more often than not, ruin what could have been the selfie of the century. Is your photo not bright enough when you are taking pictures in low lighting conditions? Take selfies anywhere! Dark night clubs, Parties, Camping etc. Enjoy your selfies no matter if it is indoor or outdoor, daytime or at night. With 3 different levels of brightness, you'll find the perfect lighting needed for your photos. This light provides supplemental or side lighting for photography whenever you have low light conditions. It also helps you to get higher quality pictures and videos when natural light is not available. It will definitely come in handy whenever you need extra light for makeup, taking photos, making videos and more! read more

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T-Power Made with the highest quality (( Extra Long 6.6ft cable cord )) Total Cord Length Is Extended to 6.6 ft Brand-new Input Vo...ltage Range: AC 100V - 240V 1-year limited warranty. Compatible: Plustek SmartOffice PS406-Serie Scanner, Plustek MobileOffice D28 Series/D428/D430 Scanner, Plustek SmartOffice PS283 PS282 Smart Office Scanner read more


Brand Name: Zyxel Product Series: GS1900 Product Model: GS1900-8 Product Name: 8-Port GbE Smart Managed Switch Marketing Informati...on: The ZyXEL GS1900 Series of 8/16/24-port GbE Smart Managed Switch with Gigabit speed and essential managing functions bring your business network more flexibility and connectivity, the 1900 Series consists of four (4) models-the GS1900-8, GS1900-8HP, GS1900-16 and GS1900-24E. Providing GbE to desktop switches with power-saving functions, fanless design and full IPv6 support ensure your network to be ready for future expansions. In addition, the 8-port GS1900-8HP Gigabit switch complies with the IEEE 802.3at Power over Ethernet (PoE) Plus standard. The complete GS1900 Series has been designed with useful features and advanced performances that empower your networks with speed and security as well as silent operation in your office environments. Product Type: Ethernet Switch Stack Port: No Total Number of Network Ports: 8 Number of Network (RJ-45) Ports: 8 Port/Expansion Slot Details: 8 x Gigabit Ethernet Network Media Type Supported: Twisted Pair Ethernet Technology: Gigabit Ethernet Network Technology: 10/100/1000Base-T Layer Supported: 2 Manageable: Yes PoE (RJ-45) Port: No Input Voltage: 110 V AC, 220 V AC Form Factor: Desktop Height: 1.1" Width: 9.8" Depth: 4.1" read more


Description:100M network port RJ45 interface (Up-link)Built in EMI filter,good electromagnetic compatibilityWith over-voltage,shor...t circuit,overload and other protection7 10/100Mbps Auto-Negotiation RJ45 ports supporting Auto-MDI/MDIXFull duplex IEEE802.3x flow control; half duplex back pressure flow controlApplication range: monitoring alarm broadcast access and other digital video intercom parking lot weak system of network engineeringSpecification:Product Name:Poe SwitchAC Input: DC12V-55VStorage temperature:- 40 C to + 80 Cworking temperature:- 40 C to + 75 CPower Supply: 45 + 78-Power transmission: DC-12V transmission 30-40meters DC-24V transmission 150 meters DC-48V transmission 200 metersLEDs: Two LEDs (green light when energized, when the output load POE powered yellow light)IEEE Standards: IEEE802.3 Power matching reference: with 8 sets of fixed-point IPC need to use DC-12V10A-20A or DC-24V6A or DC-48V4APackage Include:1 x 8 Ports PoE Power Over Ethernet Adapter Power Supply read more


<br> <b>Feature</b> <br> - Item: Fun Dancing Robert Electronic Toys With Music Lightening Toys Gift For Kids Children <br> - Item ...Type: Electronic Pets <br> - Classification: Electronic <br> - Warning: Keep away from fire <br> - Gender: Unisex <br> - Dimension: 30 CM Height <br> - Age Range: > 5 years old <br> - Material: Plastic <br> - Features: Battery Operated,Flashing,Sounding <br> Battery: 1.5V (NOT INCLUDED) <br> - Theme: Dancing Robert <br> <br> <b>Package Content:</b> <br> <br> - 1 X Kids Fun Electronic Music Light Dancing Robot(Battery not Included) read more


<p><b>Features: </b> <br>Battery Operated <br>Flashing,Sounding <br>Material: Plastic <br>360¡ã Rotation Dancing Electric Robot in...cluding Light & Music Dancing electric robot model toy. <br>This robot can dance, sing and give out light from its antenna Turn on it, and then its antenna will give out light and rotate like a colorful circular. <br>You can see a red circular on the ground When it is dancing, its hands will flash light and bob, and it legs will also dance regularly. <br>There is foundation, which allow it sit on the ground and rotate, under its body Some music will play during dancing Must be a best gift for the kids and robot fans. <br>Notice: It must be put on the flat ground and held before dancing Product Specifications: Battery: 3 x 1.5V AA batteries -Not Included. <br>Suitable Age: 14+ <br>Size: 200 x 160 x 80 mm / 7.87 x 6.3 x 3.15 inch <br>Net Weight: 400 g / 14.11 oz </p> <p><b>Kind Notice:</b><br> 1.Babrit Online is the only legal owner of Babrit. Babrit takes full responsibility of all the Babrit products.<br> 2.Babrit offers 12 months Warranty and 30 days free exchange for all the Babrit products which are built with the highest quality standards and we stand behind for best after service.</p> read more


Flash: Flash Output: 300W/each Guide Number (ISO 100): 58 Color Temperature: 5600±200K Power Voltage: 110V/50Hz Flash Power C...ontrol: 8 steps Modeling Lamp: 75W Recharging Time: 0.5-2sec Flash Triggering Method: Sync cord, Test button, Slave Flash Duration: 1/2000-1/800s Fuse: 5A Dimension: 230*200*108mm Net Weight: Approx 1.06kg/pc Soft box: * Dimension: 50*70cm * Weight: 0.65kg * Mount Diameter: 98mm * Suitable for: Godox Series 160W/200W/ST250W Light Head Studio reflective umbrella: * Material: Custom made photo fabric * Works well to diffuse the light from any Flash/Strobe Light and Constant Light | 33" Diameter * Reflect and Spread light stream evenly | Eliminate glare and spots * Outer Black Lining: keeps unwanted light from being reflected into your photo Lighting stand: Made of Refined Aluminum Tube and Plastic Connector Very light and Convenient to Carry; Easy to Unfold and Fold Steadily * Material: Aluminum alloy, Plastic * Section: 3 * Max Height: 200cm / 6.5ft * Min Height: 75cm / 2.5ft Package Contains: 3x 300W Smart Studio Flash 1x Barn door 4x color Gels 3x 200T Studio Light Stand 1x Carrying Case 1x 33" 84cm Reflective Umbrella 1x Godox Softbox 1x 16-Channel Trigger Unit (1x Transmitter + 1x Receiver) read more


Package including: 1 * Bluetooth remote control handle 1 * Hi Quality Extendable metal rod 1 x Mini LED Light 1 * Tripod 1 ...* Mobile phone bracket 1 * Cloth bag 1 * USB line Note: Color may be a little different among due to different displayers. Selfie Stick Parameters: Total weight: 190 g Tensile length: 80cm Material: carbon fiber + metal Maximum bearing capacity: 3.5kg Packaging dimension: 24*16*4cm Battery capacity: 120 mA Standby time: 6 days Working time: 40 H Remote control distance: 10 M Charging time: 1.5 H Charging times: not less than 350 Warm Prompt: The Dump energy in the battery shall be discharged for the first three charging. The zoom feature only work with Android phone right now. Not work with Iphone Mini Led Light Specification: Battery type: Li-polymer battery Input: Micro USB 5V/1A LED Quantity: 32 pieces Color temperature: 5200K Fully Charged time: About 3 hours Usage time: 1.5-2 hours weight: 36g Size: 60*40*11mm NOTICE: This is a continuous light but not a flash. The LED light is brand new and out of battery. Please Fully Charged before your first use. The earphone plug adapter is compatible with all smartphones/tablets with 3.5mm earphone plug. When charging, the indicator turns red. When fully charged, the indicator turns green. ZOOMING FUNCTION ONLY WORK FOR SUMSUNG PHONES read more


* Convenient and safe grip to prevent dropping device and control device while you are operating phone and taking picture.* Phone ...Stand : Good for watching Youtube and movie and playing music.* 180 degree horizontal rotation for convenient viewing angle adjustment* Luxuriously coated with a smooth metallic finish read more


key features 3D Glasses: 1.Pupil distance adjusting button . 2.Adsorption type switch. 3.The object distance adjusting button. ...4.Removable adsrption front cover . 5.Human body engineering cortical patch . 6.Optical glasses. 7.Focus adjustment knob. Bluetooth Remote Controller: 1.Built-in 185mA rechargeable lithium battery; Continuous work 40 hours 2.Bluetooth 3.0,Long distances for use, up to 2-10m/6.6-32.8feet long distances for use 3.Compatible with IOS, android, PC system; Can be used in mobile phones, tablet PC, computers 4.Be used as a remote controller to take photos or as a mobile phone tablet computer game controller gamepad 5.Micro connector Interface charger Not included Play games, taking pictures, listening to music, VR resources, 3d games, e-books flip, omnipotent, universal bluetooth remote control handle.TV box remote control, PC computer remote control, 3 d game controllers, wireless mouse, etc. Size: 7.3x3.1x1.3cm/2.9x1.2x0.5inch. The Bluetooth Gamepad Features: Includes three modes: Mode 1: Android mouse/ shutter/ game, both press START and Mode 1 button to power on. Mode 2: Android music/ shutter/ game, both press START and Mode 2 button to power on. Mode 3: IOS shutter/ game, both press START and Mode 3 button to power on. Specifications: Color: Black Material: ABS + Resin lens Suitable: 4.0~6.0" Smartphone Package size: 20.0 * 13.0 * 9.0cm / 7.87 * 5.11 * 3.54in Item weight: 378g / 13.36oz Item size: 24.0 * 17.0 * 9.0 cm / 9.44 * 6.69 * 3.54in Package weight: 638g / 22.51oz Package list: 1 * 3D VR GLASSES 1 * Bluetooth Remote Control read more

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Adjusting lights and shades from a smart phone has never been easier, more reliable, or affordable. Experience the ultimate conven...ience with the Lutron Caseta Wireless dimmer, Pico remote control and Smart Bridge. The wireless dimmer gives you the ability to set the right light for any activity whether it's reading, watching TV, entertaining, or having a casual dinner. The dimmer works up to 600 watts of incandescent or halogen and 150 watts of dimmable LED or dimmable CFL. Control the lights from anywhere in the room by using the Pico remote control either in your hand, on a tabletop pedestal (sold separately) or by mounting the remote directly to the wall. You can even use the Pico remote to control the lights from your car as you arrive home. Use the Lutron Smart Bridge and App to control lights and shades from anywhere, schedule them to adjust automatically based on the time of day, or create your favorite scenes that adjust multiple lights and shades with the press of a button. This kit includes one wireless in-wall dimmer, one Pico remote control, one coordinating screwless wallplate and one Lutron Smart Bridge. read more


<p>Here comes Our New LED light, a Bluetooth enabled, multicolor, energy efficient LED light bulb that changes the way you know ab...out light. </p> <p>This LED light is a Bluetooth enabled, multicolored, energy efficient smart LED light bulb that you can control with your smartphone or tablet.<br> <br> This LED light can help you change the atmosphere of a room, or bring a party to life. Relax or concentrate, the possibilities are endless.<br> <br> See your home in a new light with this next generation LED Smart Bulb. This LED Smart Bulb supports a color palette of over 16 million colors and also different tones of white light. <br> <br> Control the ambiance and mood of your room by simply selecting your favorite color from a continuous spectrum of colors and impress your friend and party guests. <br> <br> And installation is a breeze. Simply screw in the LED Smart Bulb, download the free app to your mobile device, and you have the next generation of light bulb at your fingertips. <br> <br> Using Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy(BLE), This LED Smart Bulb meets A+ Energy Efficiency Class and a lifetime of 20,000 hours without fail.</p> <p>Compatible with Android 4.3 or above version, IOS 6.0 or above version.</p> <p> (May have different batch silkscreened "Keenetic" logo, it doesn't affect LED bulb's use)</p> <p><b>Specifications </b></p> <p>Product Power: LED 7.5W<br> Working Voltage: AC 100V-240V / 50-60Hz <br> Lumen: 600LM <br> Beam Angle: 120 degrees<br> Bulb Socket: E26 <br> Body Color: White <br> Bluetooth Distance: No obstacle 10M <br> CRI: >80<br> Power Factor: > 80% (110V), >70% (220V)</p> read more


<p><b>Introducing the 2nd Generation Flux Bluetooth Smart Bulb</b></p><p>The 2nd generation Flux Bluetooth smart bulb comes with a...ll the great features you had liked in the original Flux Bluetooth smart bulb like controlling the color of the bulb from your smart device, managing the bulbs as a group, setting up timers and scheduled actions, having the bulb dance to music and so on. </p><p>Here are the new features: </br>? <b>Faster Startup:</b> We are used to light bulbs turning on the instant we flip the switch. But this is not the case with most smart bulbs. The new Flux Bluetooth smart bulb starts up in about 0.5 seconds, one of the fastest startup times for a smart bulb. </br>? <b>Sunrise/Sunset Modes:</b> Research has proved that the best way to wake up in the morning is to be gradually awakened by natural light. Now the Flux Bluetooth smart bulb comes with built in sunrise and sunset modes to do just that. Wake up gently in the morning to gradually brightening light. </br>? <b>Longer Transition Delays:</b> Feel your current Flux smart bulbs cycle through their custom or preset modes too quickly? We have fixed that. Now you can have a delay of up to 30 minutes for a single transition cycle. </br>? <b>Scene Mode:</b> Relive your favorite memories and bring your photos to life by setting the bulbs to colors picked from your photos. </br>? <b>Share Custom Modes:</b> Created some cool custom color modes? Now you can now share them with your friends and family via email or SMS. </br>? <b>Camera Mode:</b> Want to set the bulb to a cool color that you see? The camera on your phone now acts as a color picker for the bulb. </br>? <b>Color Setting:</b> The color wheel is great, but it does not give you the precision you need sometimes. We now allow you to specify the RGB color you want to set the bulb to.</p><p>Ready to give it a try? Click <b>Add to Cart</b> at the top right corner and change the way you see light.</p><br><p> App Name: <b>Flux Bluetooth</b></p> read more


The Knog Expose Smart Bluetooth LED Light is bright in more ways than one, seamlessly working via Bluetooth with the Apple iPhone ...4S, 5 Series & 6 through the [expose] app. The custom app includes video and photo modes; flash, strobe and continuous settings; adjustable brightness and more. With a USB rechargeable, integrated LiPo battery, there is over one hour of run-time. Also included in the pack are 4 attachment clips -- so you can use the light with or without an iPhone case. read more