SF Cable

SF Cable CAT6 RJ45 Shielded Modular Plug for Round Stranded with Inserter 100 pcs per bag


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CAT6 RJ45 Shielded Modular Plug Round Stranded Wire 50U 100 pcs per bagSolid and stranded:Solid wire consists of one piece of metal wire. Stranded wire is composed of a bundle of thinner wires. Choose the same type of plug as the wire you are using.6, 30, and 50 micron: Thickness of gold plating on contacts. The thicker, the better protection against corrosion and aging. 50 micron has the best protection. While 6 micron is fine in office environment, we recommend 30 or 50 micron in dusty or chemical environment. Our patch cables are using 50 micron highest grade.

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