SF Cable

SF Cable, 50ft Ultra Slim SVGA Cable with Ferrites HD15 M/F Triple Shielded


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Extends any VGA/QXGA HD15 cable. Supports all VGA/QXGA monitors including analog flat panel display, high resolution desktop, CAD and graphic workstations. It is fully-wired for maximum compatibility with both PC and HDTV applications. UltraThin diameter provides space-saving design and flexibility not found on regular VGA cables. Interchangeable mounting allows you to replace the thumbscrews with included stand-off screws and can be mounted on a face plate. Male (HD15) to Female (HD15) Ultra Slim Super VGA Monitor Cable Triple Shielded with Ferrite Core to Reduces EMI/RFI protection Uses premium coax wires for exceptional video clarity Thin & Low Profile Connectors for Quick and Easy Installation in Tight Places Length: 50ft

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