SF Cable

SF Cable 25ft Premium Ultra Flat CAT6 550 MHZ Network Patch Cable Black


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Flat cables fit easily between cramped spaces improving the look of your home or office because they are flat and easy to hide. These flat cables are a perfect fit under carpets, up walls, and even behind furniture. The cables are only a slim 1.2mm thick that gives a plenty of ventilation room for network rack wiring. It is a great advantage over fat cables that add more bulk to your work space.SF Cable patch cables are made of 100% bare copper wire and 50 micron gold plated RJ45 plugs. We do not use CCA (aluminum wire). Our Enhanced Cat6 550Mhz Snagless Patch Cables will handle bandwidth intensive applications up to 550 Mhz and beyond. Designed for Network Adapters, Hubs, Switches, Routers, DSL/Cable Modems, Patch Panels and other Computer Networking applications. T568B (AT&T 258A) Wired UTP Unshielded Twist Pair CM Type PVC Jacket 32AWG Flat 4pair Stranded Copper Wire 50 Micron Gold Plated RJ45 Plug Color: Black Length: 25ft

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