SAVE VINYL Anti-Static Phono Cartridge Stylus Cleaner Brush and Lubricant Preservative

Hudson Hi-Fi
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Proudly designed and manufactured in America! <br>To properly mount a phono cartridge, you need to be able to position it so that it remains tangent to the record grooves at all diameters. This is always a compromise. This gauge helps you to mount the cartridge to the headshell for the best compromise. <br>The protractor lets an amateur do professional phono cartridge alignment. In just a few simple steps, the Protractor gives precise alignment for better sound and longer stylus life with any standard phono cartridge and radial tonearm. <br>Made of durable 2mm ABS plastic with mirrored finish allowing you to precisely adjust your cartridge/stylus by providing clear bottom view and top view simultaneously. Easy to follow instructions included! <br>Unlike similar market alternatives our protractor is UV Printed and cured for 3 hours ensuring the highest quality print: so you'll never have to worry about paint peeling off like with comparable cheap Chinese products! <br>Note: If you are hard of sight, like some of us on the team at Hudson Hi-Fi, we encourage you to consider the "High Contrast" color option, which will provide better visibility without the mirrored effect. <br><br> Guide:<br> 1. Place this protractor on your turntable platter with hole over spindle.<br> 2. Move cartridge/ tonearm until stylus rests exactly on center of bulls eye. (120.9mm radius). Check that cartridge is square with outer set of grid lines. - If not, loosen cartridge mounting screws and twist cartridge lightly until it is square.<br> 3. Move cartridge/ tonearm until stylus rests exactly on center of inner bulls-eye (66.04mm radius), Rotate protractor around spindle as required. Check that cartridge is square with inner set of grid lines. - If not, change overhang, (move cartridge in or out along the axis) until cartridge is square.<br> 4. Repeat step 2 and 3 till cartridge is square at both points. Tighten mounting, and recheck as above. Remove Protractor. <br>Relax and enjoy!

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The Audio Technica AT7V phono cartridge is alluringly musical. It summons from the grooves the recorded musical artistry and complete harmonic sound quality lost in the detail by so many other more expensive cartridges. With independent left and right magnets and PCOCC coil and terminal pins for pure signal transmissions, it offers music listeners and audio enthusiasts a new high in fidelity and sound quality. Proven in use for many years in Japan, the Audio-Technica AT7V cartridge is imported by LP Gear. It works wonders in rejuvenating systems with lackluster sound. Rediscover how good your records really sound. Audio-Technica AT7V Phono Cartridge Specifications - Tonearm mount: 1/2 inch - Type: Moving magnet, VM dual-magnet stereo cartridge - Frequency response: 15Hz-25kHz - Output voltage @ 1kHz,5cm/sec: 5mV - Tracking force: 1.75 - 2.25 g (2.0 g standard) - Load impedance: 47k ohms - Channel separation @ 1kHz: 27dB - Channel balance @ 1kHz: >1.5dB - Dynamic compliance: 7.0 x 10-6 cm/dyne - Static compliance: 35 x 10-6 cm/dyne - Vertical tracking angle: 23 - Cantilever: Tapered aluminum alloy - Stylus: Grain-oriented square shank nude special elliptical diamond with 0.2 x 0.7 mil tracing radii - Dimensions: 17.3h x 15.2w x 26.5d - Weight: 6.2 g - Stylus replacement: Audio-Technica ATN7V (knob color: Indigo) - Accessories included: Onwers Manual (in Japanese), Screwdriver, screws, nuts, washers


Rega Carbon MM Cartridge The Rega Carbon is a high quality, moving magnet phono cartridge designed to be simple to set up, easy to install and above all, accurately reproduce music. Supplied as standard on the RP1 turntable, the Carbon performs far beyond its budget price tag.


Ortofon has designed and manufactured magnetic cartridges for about 30 years. In providing an economic alternative to the renowned Ortofon moving coil cartridges, the magnetic models have established a firm position for themselves among music lovers and audiophiles all over the world.


Audio-technica ATN120E/B is the replacement stylus for AT120E and it is also compatible with AT120ET, AT120E/II cartridges.

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Rega Bias 2 MM Phono Cartridge The Redesigned Rega Bias 2 Goes Where Other Budget Cartridges Don't The Rega Bias 2 may be the entry-level moving magnet cartridge in the Rega line, but this completely redesigned model is definitely on the very best moving magnet cartridges available for under $200. It sounds extremely warm and its very forgiving of surface noise. It's the perfect upgrade to any older table and a perfect match for the Rega RP-1. The Bias 2 comes highly recommended for anyone in the market at this price. "[T]he Bias 2 is a very civilised performer with very good bass extension and 'kick', though that's never at the expense of insight...Midrange detail is very good...and stereo imaging is excellent." - Richard Black, Tech Radar The redesign includes Rega 's recent developments in coil winding techniques. These advances have allowed Rega to use their innovative parallel wound coil in the Bias 2 . This technique uses approximately one third less wire than previous models, thus producing a more efficient and reduced mass cartridge. You will hear the difference this makes in the tonality of the Bias 2.


Barky is a precision turntable that features a high-quality Rega parts kit, glass platter, RB303 arm and Rega Elys2 cartridge. Solid ash round is finished with polyurethane and paste wax, and has adjustable solid-brass spike feet. Barky is a limited-production (10-15 per year on average), high-quality turntable made with a solid ash round, quality Rega parts kit, 24 Volt Power Supply ($225 retail), heavy glass platter ($135 retail) and Rega RB303 tonearm ($595 retail). It includes a pre-mounted Rega Elys2 Cartridge ($295 retail, not shown), adjustable solid brass spike legs, and is finished with hand-rubbed polyurethane and paste wax. Each Barky is somewhat unique. Barky has been featured in Metropolitan Home, Zink, California Home and Design, Velvet (Italy), Daily Mail (UK) and in dozens of online design mags. and blogs, including BoingBoing, Uncrate, NotCot, DesignBoom, Gizmodo, etc. Barky is available in either 115V or 230V versions (please specify when ordering). Barky is also compatible with the Rega TTPSU external power supply which is available, and which allows for push-button speed changes.