Pyle 16" x 16 inch Portable Tabletop Photography Studio Photo Lighting Kit - Set Includes Light Box / Tent, 2 Lamp Lights, Camera Stand & White, Black, Blue, Red Background Cloth Sheet - PSTDKT4


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The Studio Photo Light Booth, Image & Photography Kit by Pyle is Specially designed for photography enthusiasts, artists and even beginners to be able to take professional looking shots. This product includes all the items that you will need to make your photos stand out. Features: High-quality studio photography kit, booth, tent,16’’x16’’x16’’ inches Filters the light to prevent shadows and reflections Comes with 4 background clothes, white, black, blue, red Gives a clean professional backdrop to all items being photographed Comes one foldable fully adjustable stand for camera, Comes with two lights, can be lit by flash, fluorescent, quartz, tungsten and flood lights The cube can be packed like a bag and there are 3 pockets for lights and stand, Light box size - 16" L x 16" W x 16" H Product weight:4.76 lbs. Product size: 15.7’’x15.7’’x15.7’’ inches Inner box size:17.7’’ x 3.5’’ x 17.7’’ inches

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