Puro Sound Labs

Puro Sound Labs BT2200 Over-Ear Headphones Lightweight Portable Kids Earphones with Safe Wireless, Volume Limiting, Bluetooth and Noise Isolation for iPhone/Android/PC/Tablet - BT2200 Grey


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Puro Sound Labs Bluetooth headphones for kids - exclusive children’s headphones for ultimate listening experience without the risk to hurt their hearing and comfort. *85dB volume limiter to protect against hearing loss - safe for 8 hours of listening. *3.5mm Auxiliary cord for wired connection has a resistor in the cable that passively limits the volume if needed. *82% ambient noise isolation - passively blocks out a significant amount of ambient noise so that lower volumes can be heard with great quality in noisy environments (ie, airplanes, buses, crowds, etc). Great kids headphones for airplane. *Puro Balanced Response frequency curve - flat frequency response curve that delivers studio grade music and vocals the way the artist intended. No muddled bass or treble, so that vocals can be heard crisply at low volume levels. *18 hours of battery life with 200 hours standby, great for long distance travel and minimal charging. *Durable aluminum and protein leather construction to ensure resistance to damage and provide comfort. *Microphone to answer calls, reject calls and return the calls to the headphones. *Fold to flat for compact on-the-go travel experience. Hard Shell Carrying Case is included for protection while on-the-go.

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