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Versatile, high-performance desktop sound system The PSB Alpha PS1 powered speakers combine the amplifier and speaker together into a complete system solution design like no other. Finding separate amplifiers and speakers with this level of performance, at this price, would be impossible. Add in the small size, beautiful high gloss finish, and exceptional flexibility, and you have speakers that offer the ultimate value for a desktop or small room system. "I found the PS1s to be eminently musical and involving to listen to for any kind of music I cared to throw at them no matter how large-scale or complex... positively delightful desktop speakers" - Michael Lavorgna, Audiostream Built-in amp and universal power supply, plus gorgeous and functional form factor The Alpha PS1 features a built-in, highly efficient 2 x 20W amplifier (housed in the left speaker), a 3.5-inch metalized polypropylene cone and oversized magnet structure, plus a 3/4-inch aluminum tweeter. The PS1s have enough acoustic output to rock a small to medium sized room. The universal power supply works with any AC voltage, which makes it perfect for world travelers. The curvaceous, organic form is beautiful and functional, as it allows maximum internal volume for improved bass response. Just plug your computer, game console, tablet or smart mobile device into the Alpha PS1 and you have a complete sound system - one with a high-end audio pedigree. An optional powered sub can easily be added by connecting to the convenient subwoofer output. The volume control will now adjust the Alpha PS1 speakers and the subwoofer together in perfect synchronization. If you crave a sonic boost for your TV, computer, CD, DVD or Blu-ray player or any other device, the Alpha PS1 won't disappoint. You can even go wireless by using Apple's AirPlay ecosystem and just connecting an Airport Express to the Alpha PS1.

PSB Alpha PS1 Multimedia Speakers

Performance Build Quality Value Price: $299/pr At A Glance: Consistent off-axis response • Sub output • 20 watts times two “A Book of Verses Underneath the Bough/A Jug of Wine, a Loaf of Bread—and Thou.” So runs the most famous translation of The Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám. The essence of the quotation is we need only a few basic things to attain happiness, and the Persian poet seems to imply that the fewer, the better. So what does it take to make you a happy listener? Does an audio system invariably have to follow the traditional model of speakers, amp, and source components?

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