Polk Audio

Polk Audio RTiA7 Home Theater System Black Color.


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RTi A7 has two 7" bass drivers and one 6.5" midrange drivers, but still features PowerPort Plus and solid cabinet construction just like its bigger brother. CSiA6:Put this Flagship Center Speaker Center Stage! Big screen TV needs big sound, so make CSi A6 the center piece in your theater system. Its massive dual 6.5" midbass drivers will dish out explosive sound. FXiA6: Heavy Duty Surround Sound Featuring a 6.5" driver, this is one heavy duty surround speaker. A great match for the larger main and center channel speakers in the series, movies and multi-channel music will sound full and punchy from all directions. FXiA6 brings you the best surround sound performance. With two tweeters and a unique trapezoidal shape, these surround speakers will, well- literally surround you in 3 dimensional sound. Configurable as bipole or dipole they work equally well behind you or beside you. These awesome surround speakers work great for multi-channel movies, music or video games. Use two pairs for 7.1 for the ultimate home theater system! DSWPRO600:The most powerful in the DSW PRO lineup- 250 watts of continuous power (500 peak) and a 12" woofer. With all the features and technology packed into this box means this subwoofer is a great addition to any sound system. If you're looking to take your system to the next level, use two (or more!) subwoofers.1 - 12" Diameter (30.48cm) Downward Firing Slot Port 17-1/8" H x 16-1/2" W x 16-1/2" D (43.50cm H x 41.91cm W x 41.91cm D) 500 watts Peak power 20Hz - 160Hz

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