Polaroid iTT28 20MP 20x Zoom Digital Camera (Red)


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Create beautiful memories of your friends and family with this sleek and simple, easy to use point-and-shoot, the Polaroid iTT28 Digital Camera. The iTT28 features an 20MP image sensor to produce high-resolution stills along with HD 1080p video. The sensor also affords a sensitivity range of ISO 100-400 along with built-in shooting modes to optimize camera settings based on certain scene types. With 20x optical zoom the iTT28 has the flexibility to shoot wide-angle group shots and also allow you to zoom in on faraway subjects. If your hands are a bit shaky, digital anti-shake image stabilization will help you produce sharper images while shooting handheld. A built-in flash is also included for additional illumination when shooting in low-light conditions. For composing images as well as reviewing photos and videos and navigating the menu, a 2.8" LCD monitor is incorporated into the pocketable design. Key Features: • 20MP image sensor • ISO 100-400 • HD 1080p video • 20x optical zoom lens • Digital image stabilization • Built-in flash • 2.8" rear LCD monitor • Sepia, Monochrome and Vivid creative settings

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