Plastic Headphone / Headset Desk Stand / Holder with Cable Hook for the EasySMX VEGGIEG Bluetooth Over-Ear Headset Foldable NFC Stereo Headphones - by DURAGADGET


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Introducing DURAGADGET's new premium headphone hanger - perfect for neatly storing away your headphones and headsets. We have custom designed this stand to be universal, making it great for both on and over-ear headphones. Made from a durable and stylish black plastic, your headphones will be safely presented while ensuring your desk is kept looking clean and tidy. Our clever headphone stand also features a handy cable hook so that you can neatly and efficiently store away your headset's cables. We have also included a base with integrated EVA pads for a firm, anti-slip effect. Exact measurements of this hanger are: 225 x 140 x 140mm. N.B - please note that any headphones shown in the images are NOT included with the purchase.

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