Pioneer Bluetooth Dynamic closed-type headphones PIONEER SE-MJ553BT-R (Red)


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Product Description ◆ In Bluetooth connection, enjoy easy wireless music and calls. Such as Guests can easily enjoy wirelessly play music, you can be hands-free calls on your phone or mobile phone. Equipped with operation buttons and a microphone in the housing portion, the feed up-and-down and track of volume, makes it easy to operations such as incoming. ◆ Also clear high-quality sound reproduction with large-diameter 40mm driver employed in the compact. The driver of the large-diameter 40mm, to achieve good high-quality playback of balance over the entire range. ◆ To achieve a comfortable wearability by the headband and ear pads of wide type with a soft headband pad of realization leather type a comfortable wearability by the headband and ear pads of wide type of cushion with. ◆ Compact to adopt a collapsible "folding mechanism". Folding the housing unit in a compact, it can be accommodated, such as in the bag. ◆ Possible continuous communication of up to 15 hours (including music playback time). ◆ Easy charging by the micro-USB cable. ◆ Corresponding to the high-quality codec AAC. ◆ Pairing with equipment supports multi-pairing that can be up to eight. ◆ High-quality sound even call in echo cancellation and noise suppression featured ※ Bluetooth® communication system: Ver.3.0 / Output: Bluetooth®: Power Class 2

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