Phone Ring Holder & Stand/Finger Grip Stand Holder Ring 360 Rotate and 180 Flip,Car Mount Phone Ring Grip for Smartphone Tablet PC case Phone Ring (Gold cat)


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Phone Ring holder & Stand,Finger Grip Stand Holder Ring,Car Mount Phone Ring Grip for iPhone 6s plus/ 7 plus, Samsung Galaxy S7 edge Smartphone Ring stent Tablet. My product brand :LEDING "LEDING " brand US trademark number :5,181,323 High viscosity sticky 3m pressure sensitive adhesive ,when you use the phone ring for phone and case after ,Keep waiting for 2 hours,the 3M sticky will More strong Small products & Big help function: 1,This package contains 2 Phone Ring Grips, each with a Car Mount Hook included. The Phone Ring Grip can be attached to your mobile phone or tablet to provide a secure grip, so you will never drop it. Adding the Phone Ring Grip also reduces the risk of theft. 2,Rotates 360° and 180° fits on flat surfaces such as cellphones and tablets 3, A perfect solution to place your mobile phone anywhere you want, to watch videos, listen music, make a video call or use as alarm clock. Place it on your office desk, the kitchen counter, next to your bed, etc. 4,Most people use their pinky finger to support their phone, to prevent it from sliding out of their hand. With the Phone Ring Grip, you can stop using that pinky finger. Your phone will rest comfortably on the palm of your hand, giving you more freedom in the way you hold your phone. 5, A simple but perfect solution for GPS navigation, streaming music to your car radio or making handsfree calls. Is very easy to use the car mount, just hook the Phone Ring Grip to it to place your phone and unhook it to remove your phone. 6,you can use : For example: iPhone 6 Plus, iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, iPad Air, iPad mini 4, iPad mini 2, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge S6 , Galaxy TabPro, Galaxy Tab S, Galaxy Tab, Galaxy Note Contents: - 4x Phone Ring Grip - 4x Car Mount Hook

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