Over-The-Air HD TV Tuner Box USB Recording Function


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This digital ATSC HD tuner allows you to receive and record over-the-air broadcast TV channels through antenna of your own for use in US, Canada and Mexico. Enjoying free TV channels through the air with crystal clear HD quality. [Note]: The TV channel quality and numbers of channels received depends on the antenna used, location, and weather. Users can also record the TV shows when an USB external drive is plugged into this TV tuner box. This digital TV tuner box also allows users to pause the live TV program at any time. Once paused, the rest of the live TV program will be recorded into the external USB drive of users choice momentarily and ready for playback. All the major TV functions such as recording, time-shifting, closed-captioning, parental control, Electronic Program Guide (EPG), digital media playback can be easily accessed from the on-screen menu or IR remote. Easy TVR Recording Into USB Drive This digital TV tuner also supports recording function through its USB input. USB drive is not included in the package but required if recording is needed. User can do instant or programmed recording of TV program on pre-set schedule. Multiple A/V Outputs This unit provides simultaneous video/audio outputs through its HDMI, RCA A/V and RF coax connectors. The HDMI output quality is selectable up to 1080P. Clear QAM Tuner This HD TV tuner can also decode unencrypted clear QAM channels such as local or public channels, weather channels or private QAM channels. [Note]: This tuner can NOT be used as digital cable box as most QAM cable channels these days are encrypted. Digital Media Playback Function Through USB Inputs This digital TV tuner also supports digital media playback function through its USB input. All main function such as play, pause, stop, repeat can be controlled through IR remote.

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