Atlas Sound

Outdoor Sound System 200 Watts, 6 Input Mixer Amplifier, 40 Watt Paging Horns, 8 inch 2-way Speakers, Pure Resonance Mic


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Public Address and Outdoor Systems, ideal for 1000-1500 people gathered within an arena setting where vocal clarity and coverage are essential. Typical applications are football, baseball and soccer stadiums, race tracks and parking areas. These quality stadium sound systems are designed with excellent voice reproduction by the Pure Resonance UC1S Ultra-Clear Dynamic Vocal Microphone. It maintains a true cardioid pattern throughout its frequency range making it an ideal choice for stadium PA systems. The Atlas Sound AA200PHD is a 200 Watt, 6-Input Mixer Amplifier that is specifically designed for use in 70.7V speaker systems. The AA200PHD features a unique automatic system test using the front panel "Push Here Diagnostic" button. The Atlas Sound APX40TN speaker system conservatively-rated, 40 watt constant-directivity paging loudspeaker employs paging loud speakers horns for use in public address or paging applications. Combining constant-directivity with superior engineering design, these systems achieve extraordinary performance with wide-angle coverage required in stadiums, sports complexes, arenas and gymnasium sound systems. Atlas Sound SM82T 8 inch 2 Way Weather Resistant Speaker components consist of a highly efficient woofer section and 1" exit compression driver frequency device. It includes an internally mounted 60 watt 70.7V/100V line matching transformer with screwdriver adjustable tap selection for use in distributed sound applications and an 8Ω bypass.

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