Orb Audio

Orb Audio 5.1 People's Choice Home Theater Speaker System in Metallic Black


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Combining our high output, Mod2 fronts with cost saving Mod1 rears, this system is perfect for medium to large rooms. You will be amazed at how much volume you get out of these tiny ORBs and impressed with the extremely lifelike, 3D presentation. Your front wall will become one huge soundstage. Distinct sounds will be heard travelling from far outside the actual speaker positions as well as having accurate up, down, front and back motion. Your eyes will not believe your ears. ORBs have 'WOW' factor. ORB has an incredible reputation, but not just for sound. If you do your homework, and we hope you do - you will discover that the people at ORB really care. We want your room to sound amazing because every home is a showroom for us. When you buy speakers from ORB, you can expect the highest quality components and intelligent, American customer support. We are always happy to help you find the right system, get things set up, or tune things perfectly for your room !

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