Opteka Deluxe "Skaters" Package (Includes the OPT-SC37FE Platinum Series 0.3X HD Ultra Fisheye Lens, X-GRIP Camcorder Handle, & 3 Watt Video Light) for DC40, DC50, HV10, Optura 10, 20, VIXIA HF M30, M300, M31, M32, HF10, HF100, HF11, HF20, HF200, HF21, HG20, HG21, HR10, LEGRIA HF M31, M32, HF10, HF100, HF11, HF20, HF200, HF21, HG20, HG21, HR10 and iVIS HV10 Digital Camcorders


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The perfect gift for the action sport filmer! The Opteka 0.3X Ultra Fisheye Adapter offers an extreme fisheye effect and a high degree of barrel distortion. It exaggerates depth by pulling nearby objects closer and causing distant objects to recede into the background. The Opteka X-GRIP handle can be used by both a professional or amateur user. This incredible support offers stability and control. The shoe attachment enables you to add a video light, microphone or flash. (Fits cameras up to 4.75" (120mm) tall) The Opteka VL-20 is an affordable ultra-compact Universal LED light that is designed for camcorders. It will attach to camcorders with a standard shoe mount, or via the 1/4-20 tripod mount with the included straight bracket. The light is ideal for providing that extra illumination to make your videos shine through with extra vibrancy and clarity without adding any bulk to your kit. With an Opteka 5 piece Lens/Camera cleaning kit it contains everything you need to maintain your Digital Camera! It cleans hard to reach lenses, protects battery contacts, and is very easy and safe to use. Works excellent for lenses, cameras, filters, and it also easily cleans LCD panels. The lens cleaning solution is specially made for removing oil and dirt. The Opteka tabletop tripod is ideal for backyard observation or anywhere - an ultra-compact tripod is all you need! The LCD Protectors fit all screens up to 3.5" X 4.25" and offers protection from scratches, wear and damage. Also reduces screen glare and enhances view. The following items are included (1)Opteka OPT-SC37FE Platinum Series 0.3X HD Ultra Fisheye Lens for 37mm and smaller Digital Video Camcorders (2)Opteka X-GRIP Professional Camera / Camcorder Action Stabilizing Handle (3)Opteka VL-20 LED Video Light for Camcorders (4)Opteka LCD Screen Protectors (5)Lens Cleaning Kit (6)Tabletop Tripod

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