Opteka BP-SC3000 Tactical Solar Powered LED Lantern with 3000mAh Emergency Battery Backup Power Bank for Charging Cell Phones, Tablets & More - Features Mounting Hook & Stand - For Camping, Backpacking & Power Outages


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The Opteka BP-SC3000 Ultra High Capacity Solar Powered Mobile Phone Charger allows you to charge your mobile phone when a wall outlet or USB power source are not available. A high power 4 LED light is built-in which allows upto 14 hours of light. The BP-SC3000 features our all new Solar EcoPanel, which takes a solar charge up to 40% faster than previously available. This allows more charging power while reducing size. The BP-SC3000 also contains an extended 3000mAh lithium power bank. The power bank charges up via solar or your computer USB port. The BP-SC3000 is compatible with most Nokia, Samsung, LG, Palm, Blackberry, Apple iPhone, iPod, iPad, Motorola, Sony, Bluetooth and other devices. Specifications Battery Type:Lithium-polymer Battery Capacity: 3.7v, 3000 mAh Voltage:Output DC 5V 1000mA, Max Solar charge: 5.5v, 260mA LED Power:1w Operating Temperature: 0DegC-45DegC Dimensions:3" x 4.7" x .7" (78 x 120 x 18mm) Weight:6.7 oz (190g)

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