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OPPO USB-DAC mounted headphone amplifier HA-2 (Cherry Red) OPP-HA2-CR


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Features of the product ★ Next-generation portable audio is smart and elegant ◆ Anytime, anywhere, the high-quality sound ● HA-2 has been designed on the basis of the stationary headphone amplifier HA-1 of the concept has gained a high reputation, winning a number of awards at home and abroad. The aircraft, as the company's first portable audio products, also you can use as a high-resolution corresponding portable headphone amplifier / USB DAC. Not only enjoy the music appreciation, HA-2 as a mobile gear to decorate the life style in the sleek design it has been developed. ◆ Equipped with a ES9018K2M. Hi-Res sound source full correspondence ● Equipped with ESS Technology, Inc. mobile DAC chip "ES9018K2M". 384 kHz / 32bit to PCM data and 11.2 MHz of (DSD256) can be reproduced in the DSD data up to, you can enjoy all the hi-res sound source. ◆ Yet compact, thin body fast charging support, equipped with a mobile battery function ● Yet lightweight and compact body, equipped with its own high-speed charging function. It can be 70% of the charge in 30 minutes. In addition the power supply to the smartphone is also possible, also doing Nan'yaku support for smartphones with a single.

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