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quick Facts Splits A Single Dvi Input Into Four Independent Monitor Outputs. Dual-link Dvi And Single-link Dvi Output 1080p To Each Monitor. Ideal For Use With Edge-blending Projectors-supports Image Overlapping. Further Details Stack Multiple Units To Create Larger Video Walls. Program Output Configuration Via Usb Connection To A Pc. The Videoplex4 Enables Easy Control Of Cropping, Scaling, Rotation, And Gaps. Flexibly Drives Four Displays, Each From Any Selected Region Of The Input Image. Input Edid Is Programmable, Which Enables Arbitrary Input Resolutions And Frame Rates. Supports Dvi And Analog Rgb Output Monitors. The Videoplex4 Video Wall Controller Is A Standalone Display Wall Controller That Supports A Standard Single- Or Dual-link Dvi Input And Flexibly Displays Output Over Four Monitors. The Videoplex4 Upscales Input Whether It's Dvi Or Analog Rgb Driven. Maximum Output (1080p) And Frame Rate Do Not Need To Be Related To That Of The Input. Monitors Can Display A Cropped Region Of The Original Input Image. Additionally, Each Output Can Be Independently Mirrored Or Rotated Through 90, 180, Or 270 Degrees To Support Creative Mixes Of Landscape And Portrait Monitors. At High Resolutions, Dvi Signals Usually Degrade After 16.4 Feet (5 M). With The Videoplex4 Video Wall Controller, Active Equalization Hardware On The Appliance Is Able To Compensate For Cable Or Signal Losses, And Supports Cable Lengths Up To 65.6 Feet (20 M) Even At Full Dual-link Resolutions. Lower Resolutions Enable Longer Cable Lengths.

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