NVX 500 Amp Battery Relay Battery Isolator [BIR500]


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Isolate with Confidence The NXV BIR500 Isolator is the perfect solution when adding a secondary battery to your audio system. It allows the second battery to be fully dedicated to the sound system and does not create a voltage drop like common isolators tend to do. The isolator will draw less than 1 amp when your vehicle is powered on. All of this will ensure that your battery will be isolated with confidence! Mobile Audio Relay and Battery Isolator Great for isolating a second batter making it dedicated to the stereo system Does not create a voltage drop to the second battery like conventional isolators 500 Amps at 12V Continuous Power Handling 700 Amps Surge Power Handling Switching Power: 10 - 16 VDC Draws Less Than 1 Amp When On

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