Nikon 60" Full Size Tripod with 3-Way Panhead (Black) + Cleaning Kit for Digital SLR Cameras & Lenses


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Kit includes: ♦ 1) Nikon 60" Full Size Tripod with 3-Way Panhead (Black) ♦ 2) Nikon 3-Piece Lens Cleaning Kit (Microfiber Cloth/Fluid/Moist Cloths) ♦ 3) Nikon Microfiber Lens Cleaning Cloth Spudz ♦ 4) Precision Design Deluxe Hurricane Blower The Nikon 60" Full Size Tripod, in professional black anodized finish, features a three-way panhead designed to offer Nikon digital SLR cameras, binocular and scope users a steady and sturdy support system. A long easy-grip panning handle allows for easy panning and tracking control. The Nikon Lens Cleaner Kit contains everything you need to keep your lenses, optical equipment and other gear fresh and clean. Includes 1 fl. oz. Spray Bottle of Liquid Lens Cleaner, Pack of 3 Moist Lens Cleaning Cloths and a Microfiber Cleaning Cloth This 6x6-inch Nikon Microfiber Lens Cloth includes an attached water-resistant neoprene pouch that keeps the cloth dry and protected from dust, dirt and other contaminants. The Precision Design Deluxe Hurricane Blower is very powerful and easy to use cleaning system. The super air stream blows off dust particles, even those attracted by static electricity, without any physical contact. It works great when used on digital camera sensors, lenses, telescopes, computer keyboards, microscopes, communications equipment, musical instruments and much more.

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