Nady XC-50 50 foot XLR Microphone Cable – Low noise shielded balanced cable with metal connectors for any mic or line level signal


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Professional quality microphone cable with XLR connectors The Nady XC-50 is a high quality, 50-foot XLR-to-XLR microphone cable. It can be used to connect any two devices with XLR connectors: Microphones, amplifiers, audio interfaces, sound processors, and many more. It reliably carries phantom power for condenser microphones and can be used for line level connections as well as microphone. With the XC-50, you can rest assured that your sound remains of the utmost quality as it travels from one piece of equipment to the next. The XC-50 preserves all the details of your audio signal while protecting it from external noise and other interferences. Nady XC series cables are high-quality XLR microphone cables with metal male and female connections. Comes in black.

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