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MPD Digital LMR-400UF-pl259-uhf-m-100 Ultra Flex Cable Jumper with Male Connectors and MPD Digital, 100' - with Polyolefin Cross-Linked Strain Relief


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MPD Digital Ultra Low Loss LMR Cables - MADE IN THE USA - by MPD Digital Double Shielded MPD Digital LMR braided cables for Ham and CB Radio, RFID and Wireless Internet use are constructed from the highest quality Copper, Foam Dielectric, and Polyethylene materials for superb electrical and mechanical performance. LMR cable solutions satisfy any application, indoors or outdoors, with robust outer jackets that shield them from abrasion and environmental damage for up to 20 years! MPD Digital provides an ideal balance of performance, flexibility, and economy. MPD Digital cables are built to perform and Designed to Flex - Braided cable technology has turned the corner with MPD Digital cables and connectors being essential for any RF application that requires ultra low signal loss. Our proven braiding technology helps ensure lower attenuation at every frequency. MPD Digital cable minimizes loss so you always get maximum performance. • Able to Bend 90 Degrees in One Inch with no loss of signal • Lowest Signal Losses at All frequencies when compared to comparable sized cable • 60% less Signal Loss at Wifi Frequencies than standard RG-174, RG-58, and other cables used. • 20 Year rated outdoor lifespan - indefinite for indoor use • MPD Digital produces 1700 different variations of MPD Digital cables for ALL RF Applications MPD Digital Microwave's 70-year global legacy of supporting the telecommunications and wireless industries demonstrates our commitment and experience. An unrivaled USA Based manufacturing and distribution infrastructure enables us to swiftly deliver MPD Digital solutions anywhere. MPD Digital works closely with customers to provide sales, technical, and product support, helping you stay one step ahead of your projects. Our dedication to customer service includes training classes and direct access to MPD Digital engineering expertise for answers to all of your technical questions. ~Polyolefin is used in blow moulded or rotationally molded components such as heat-shrink tubing for the purposes of mechanically and electrically protecting connections in electronics.

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