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Monitor Audio - Silver Series 8- 3-way Floorstanding Speaker - Each - Rosenut


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The Monitor Audio Silver 8 floorstanding speaker has a new three-way design featuring Silver's 4" C-CAM RST midrange driver flanked by long-throw C-CAM RST 6" bass drivers. Introduced for Silver, this specialized configuration is optimized for greater accuracy over a critical frequency band to deliver superb midrange focus and precision as well as extended bass. Silver 8 also boasts Silver's new 1" C-CAM tweeter. Unlike conventional driver cones, the new C-CAM (Ceramic-Coated Aluminum/Magnesium) RST (Rigid Surface Technology) bass and midrange drivers take the form of a continuous uninterrupted dish. Strengthened by a uniquely dimpled surface, their greater area radiates more sound, and driven by a larger voice coil and motor, delivers greater efficiency and a cleaner, more accurate response. Silver 8 and 10 models feature a newly developed, low distortion 4" midrange driver, operating in its own optimized enclosure to expose visceral levels of detail where your sense of hearing is most acute. Inspired engineering has also produced the Silver tweeter. Silver's new 1" C-CAM tweeter design vents internally around the outside of the magnet system into a large rear-loading chamber. This releases pressure at the back of the tweeter while producing much lower resonance and better overall damping. You'll experience a wider, more accurate, and extended frequency response for greater harmonic authenticity and a smoother more natural handover with the midbass driver. If you love fabulous sound and design, get ready for a blissful experience. The new Monitor Audio Silver Series delivers a unity of form and function that is as precise as it is compelling. It's the product of over forty years of speaker development, invested with a love for accurate audio.

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